Why We Started the Apiary Fund

Bucket Portfolio

~25% AUM. A very active long/short trading portfolio that provides ultra high short-term returns. It is aggressive, nimble, and its purpose is to replenish and fill a barrel.

We don’t look where the money is…
We get where it’s going.

Barrel Portfolio

~70% AUM. A consistent growth portfolio with long-term growth opportunities that seeks to profit from longer term trends in capital rotation, asset accumulation, and safety instruments for long term wealth production.

Buy & Hold ‘em, Cowboy

Emerging Talent Portfolio

~5% AUM. We believe in developing tomorrow's talent. A portion of the fund is set aside to find and nurture new trading talent and provide them with financial resources, expert guidance and path to elite level performance in the financial markets.

Developing the Trader of Tomorrow

Generating Yield for Investors

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”

- Harvey S. Firestone

Why Apiary Capital?

  1. The unexpected, counterintuitive risk of passive index investments
  2. Positioning is getting ultra concentrated in a limited basket of highly hyped assets
  3. Economic Growth Cycle is Being Stretched & Safety Balancing is Essential
  4. Rising interest rates is putting exponential strain on consumer, business and government debt
  5. Empowering Traders to Build Expertise and Bring New Strategies to Life
  6. The Power of Capital Rotation.

We don’t look where the money is…
We look where it’s going.

Current Job Openings

Hedge Fund Junior Associate

Job Description

Hedge Fund Junior Associate (independent contractor)

Hedge Fund Junior Associates work closely with Investment Analysts and Portfolio Managers to research investment ideas, utilizing a fundamental bottoms-up approach to investment selection in a market neutral context. Successful Hedge Fund Investment Associates are given greater responsibility, with the ultimate goal of growing into an Hedge Fund Senior Associate role.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct differentiated, bottoms-up fundamental analysis of the market and relevant industry metrics and trends, becoming a go-to expert on investment trading opportunities
  • Perform detailed valuation, and construct in-depth market financial models.
  • Synthesize, communicate, and present long and short investment ideas to an Investment Analyst and/or Portfolio Manager
  • Actively participate in quarterly calls and monitor material news events related to the markets and world economies.
  • Attend company conferences and management meetings (may included travel)
  • Identify and analyze relevant industry metrics
  • Evaluate new coverage opportunities

Skillset Requirements:

  • Prior investment training and a proven track record of successfully trading foreign currency markets
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, preferably in finance, economics, engineering and/or computer science
  • Passion for fundamental analysis and public markets investing
  • Advanced understanding of accounting/financial statements
  • Valuation experience and excellent Excel modeling skills
  • Excellent analytical and quantitative skills, with strong attention to detail
  • Strong written and oral communication skills

Opportunities available in most states and countries

This is an independent contractor, commission only position. You will make more money as your clients make more money.

About ApiaryCapital

ApiaryCapital is a world leading investment management company. We manage capital on behalf of many private, public and nonprofit institutions. We seek the highest and best use of investor capital in order to deliver market leading results and contribute to broader economic growth.

The Apiary Fund has been a substantial fund for over 15 years. Shawn Lucas is the founder and owner of ApiaryCapital and the principal portfolio manager.