It’s a New Way to Learn How to Invest...

Besides providing training to trade professionally, we give you the opportunity to trade our money. We are a proprietary trading firm and we train our traders from the ground up. Anyone can learn the skills of a professional trader, and the Apiary Fund gives you the opportunity to learn how to become a money manager. It works because it’s a win-win opportunity: You learn a new skill to add a new source of income; The Apiary Fund gains a new trader to diversify the fund’s risk and grow steadily.

Get Forex Training

Focusing on real life trading and top-notch instruction, the Apiary Trader Development Program is the most effective way to learn how to become a successful trader. It works like a college only instead of paying your tuition without the promise of a job after graduation, when you graduate you’ll have the opportunity to manage money for the Apiary Fund and get paid to trade. Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Market Fundamentals
  • Trading Methods
  • Trading Software
  • Risk Management

Practice with Real Tools

Like a pilot in a flight simulator, you will learn to navigate the forex market with ease! Each participant is given a virtual forex account which looks and acts just like the real thing. Our simple interface and worldwide accessibility lets our traders quickly and easily analyze and make trades wherever they are. That way, you can figure out your ideal trading style before you have real money on the line. Apiary's software offers several unique features:

  • Institutional data feed for immediate updates on market conditions
  • Price cycle, time cycle, and pivot technology to help forecast market movement
  • Expert advisors that give personalized recommendations

Track Your Progress

With access to your personal account analytics, you can see what you do well and where you can improve. Know exactly how you are trading as you work toward a funded account. Associates aim to have more winning trades than losing trades, greater average winning trades than losing trades, and to never overallocate their leveraged funds on any single trade. The personal trading statistics shown on the site let you see what to focus on to reach those goals.

Get Paid to Trade

When you complete the internship training and meet the goals of your virtual account, you can qualify to trade a live funded account. It’s trading with other people’s money. Accounts start at $2,500 and there is no “risk deposit.” When you make a profit, you keep 60% and 40% goes back to the fund. As you consistently do well, you can qualify for larger account sizes and larger payout percentages, up to 85%. Read more in the About Us or Frequently Asked Questions sections of this site, or try it out for yourself. It’s pretty simple: We provide the money - you look for the trades!