About Us

It’s like a cross between a degree and an internship

Most investment funds have a single manager who tries to diversify the portfolio across a large number of investments to reduce risk. We flip that around. The Apiary Fund employs a community of traders who trade a large number of strategies to reduce risk. We accomplish the same diversification – only we do it in a way that helps a whole lot of people make money instead of one!

This also allows the Apiary Fund the ability to diversify its position sizing. If one person attempts to leverage a large account into one trade, the sheer quantity will slow down the transaction process losing crucial timing, as well as possibly affecting the price itself, depending on the traded instrument. Having several associates looking at and trading different instruments allows for timely and effective entry and exit points.

You learn and practice in a safe environment

Like a pilot in a flight simulator, you’ll be totally safe when you trade in your own virtual account. You’ll have access to all the unique tools available to Apiary Fund traders including expert advisors, custom indicators, and trading statistics analysis. You can talk to the community of Apiary Fund traders in our forum, or contact our support team via email or phone. On our site, you’ll have access to ebooks, training videos, and over 250 hours of recorded training discussions.

Because we use distributive technology, you can attend live discussions, ask questions, access training resources, and trade from anywhere in the world.

And if you lose money...

You aren’t accountable for losses and there is no “risk deposit.” If too much money is lost in your account during a day, the account will be temporarily paused until the next day, giving you time to analyze the situation while avoiding a bad streak.

You can see why we take so much time in training and practice to make sure each trader understands how to trade correctly. Even if you aren’t yet to a profitable and consistent level after the goal of 90 days, we will continue to work with you until you are.

Still want to know more?

We know, you probably have some questions. It’s a pretty big concept to try to explain on just one web page. You might find that your questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions. That’s also why we’ve provided a way for you to try it free and see exaclty what our training looks like so you know what we’re talking about: