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Meet the Team

These are some of the folks who work at the Apiary Fund main headquarters each day. There are many more trading partners, recruiting representatives, and associates who make the Apiary Fund the huge community of secret sauce that it is.

Shawn Lucas

Head Trader

Shawn Lucas is the founder and fund manager at Apiary Fund. With a degree in economics, he began his career as a broker for Fidelity and Charles Schwab where he worked the trading desk and processed orders for high net worth investors. An expert in the field of technical and economic analysis of the financial markets, Lucas has since established his reputation as a thought leader and guest speaker for several financial companies including Reuters and TD Ameritrade. He has traveled extensively throughout the world providing lectures, training, consulting, and expert testimony to companies and individuals on the art and science of financial analysis. Lucas has authored sixteen books and studies on the use of technical and economic analysis in stock, option, and futures trading. His simple and methodical approach to the markets has helped thousands of investors better understand and improve their performance and profitability in the financial markets.

System Administrator


Nathan Allred

Recruiting Director

In addition to conducting several training sessions and live trading demonstrations, Nate runs a team to find people who will be best fit to join the Apiary Fund community. With more than 8 years experience developing trading strategies, Nate is a professional trader who passes his setups and tactics to associates who will trade on behalf of the Apiary Fund. He specializes in communications coaching, strategic methodology planning, systems training and coaching, psychological trading control, and trader relations and outreach. If you're interested in talking to someone about the possibility of joining the Apiary Fund's unique community, send Nate an email.

Curtis Cooper


I believe whole heartily in this concept and entity know as the Apiary Fund. I desire and strive to help every fellow member improve their trading skills to become a profitable trader and to help change their life. I believe in Apiary.

Ron Evans

Risk Manager

As a risk manager for the Apiary Fund, Ron’s job is to moderate funded accounts of traders. He will also track the progress of Trader Development Program participants, conduct funding interviews, and transition individuals from simulated accounts to live money accounts. His background in the financial world includes work as a Series 3 commodities and futures broker as well as his time as a Series 7 and Series 63 stock broker for Fidelity. Ron spent many years as a one on one mentor as well as a group trainer for stocks, options, futures, and commodities. Today, he uses that knowledge to analyze the equity curves and track records of associates to guide them in the exciting process of moving from their virtual account to a funded account with the Apiary Fund.

Nathan Allred

Tom Allred

Recruiting Representative

Tom works with his brother, Nate, speaking to folks about the Apiary Fund and its role in traders' lives. He loves wildlife and can be found hunting and fishing like a mad man. His passion for trading carries over to other walks of life.

Keoni Chuang

Colton Chesnut

I am really into things outdoors. I love to bike, camp, play with my dog Paris and of course spend time with my family.

Bill Scharman

Trading Partner

A professional of the trading industry, Bill helps mentor individuals who request special one-on-one sessions. He'll look at your individual situation and statistics to give specific advice regarding your personal trading system.

Todd Granthem

Training Director

Todd is an instructor and professional trader who can explain the intricacies and customization of charts and indicators. He gives several presentations per week including his "Daily Forex Fanatic" discussion.

Cassidy Cabanzo

Prefund Manager

College student. Wife. And love helping Apiary traders get funded!

Barbara Evans


Barbara talks to members of the Trader Development Program to check their progress and figure out what extra assistance may be helpful for each individual.

Alex Ashcraft

Pre-Fund Manager

Alex loves learning new things. Forex trading was one of those when he joined as an associate with the Apiary Fund's Trader Development Program. Now, he helps make the same learning opportunities available to others by guiding them through questions they have about the process.

Kimball Jensen


Kimball manages Apiary's web and application development teams. He came to Apiary in 2012 with a background in e-commerce web development. He has also written many of the back-end and front-end systems and integrations that help make Apiary run.

James Dumas

Development Counselor

As a former structural steel worker. I have always aspired to be a full time trader. Work smarter not harder :-) Since coming to the Hive I feel I'm now receiving the knowledge and help to make my goals a reality.

Phyrom Phat


Born with passion and determination, I would be viewed as stubborn. I earned a bachelor degree in Management Information System and have associated with Cambodia Heineken Company from 2002 to 2013 as an IT Manager. I have developed proficient and profound expertise in system integration and development.

Reah Riza Resabal

Clark Jones

Brian Lloyd

Aspen Lucas

Collin Jensen

Brion Conklin

Systems Engineer

I am a computer programmer with a scientific background. I love to take cruises and see the world, I have seen most of it from a ship and the only remaining areas are the orient and India. I plan to build my trading skills and portfolio to enable me to trade from a ship as I continue to explore our world.

Pete Pilapil

I'm new to Forex and I love everything about it! :-)

Steve Perry


Steve Perry is currently the manager and director of a Forex trading signals program at the Apiary Investment Fund. He studies Finance at the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah. Steve has won several awards within the largest business club in America (FBLA) or Future Business Leaders of America. In 2012 he took 1st place in the state of Utah in “Banking and Financial Systems.” He later went on to compete on a national level and is ranked nationally in this field. Steve is Fluent in English and Spanish and has elementary proficiency in Portuguese. Steve has been trading and investing since he was 11 years old when he saved up his lawn mowing money to buy 7 ounces of silver as his first investment. When he was 13 he opened a stock trading account and has been trading forex since he was 18 years old. His greatest desire is to give back and help other people learn how to invest in the markets.

Lukas MacMacKen

Instructor and mentor

Lukas studied chemical engineering in college and has always had an interest in trading. He has been trading for 7+ years. He specializes in Stock and the forex markets. His passion is trading currencies because of school and his now father in law. He was first introduced to trading through a trading professional who took Luke under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of the currency markets. After studying and managing money under the watchful eye of this guru, he branched off and is now working with the Apiary Fund, where he has happily been trading and coaching. He has helped hundreds of trader in accomplishing their trading goals by immersing them in copious strategies to best fit their trading styles.

Jeff Crystal

saulo Moura

Saulo Moura

Rex Johnson

I've been involved in the financial markets in one way or another since the 1980's. It's always been a great challenge. Now I have the pleasure of helping new traders learn solid and safe trading practices. When I'm not trading or helping new traders what do I do? I have helped out a lot with my grandson's Boy Scout Troop and volunteered as a math tutor for kids that struggle.

Yahaira Angulo

I love snacking during the day in support.


David Do

Software Developer

Developer for Apiary Fund designing and creating Apiary Fund's next generation trading platform.

evan M

Matthew Swanton

Double Top Reversal Doji Doji

Shawn Lucas


Jorge Castro

Software Developer

Kevin Pyne

I am one of Apiary Fund's instructors MY SCHEDULE: Mondays: Apiary Trading Basics- 12pm MDT/2pm EDT Apiary Trade Psychology - 3pm MDT/5pm EDT Wednesdays: Trader on the Street Trading Room - 9am MDT/11am EDT Apiary Money & Risk Management - 9pm MDT/11pm EDT Thursdays: Trader on the Street Basic Class - 6am MDT/8am EDT Moneybees Group Meeting – 6pm MDT/8pm EDT (not on calendar) Fridays: Apiary Kevin's Trading Room - 9am MDT/11am EDT .....I love love love love trading and love helping others trade even more!

Sagar R

Moriah Lucas

Tony Vargas

Development Specialist

A determined trader with an insatiable thirst for excellence.



Sierra Lucas

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Clauber Olivetree

Software Developer

I am the Viking dev!

Nick Dixon

Adalberon Castello

Art Directior

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Rachael Chrisman

Jon Sycamore

I'm also working with the Apiary Fund. I talk to people who are interested and help them understand the beeline to funding process and how it can benefit their lives.




Mason Morton






Neal Beckstrand

Kristi .Beckstrand

Imran Imran