Investor Profile and Traders' Summit

We're buzzing with excitement at all the stuff we have brewing at the Apiary Fund! Stay tuned next Monday, January 21, when we will be launching the Investor Profile website. If, by some chance, you haven't heard of Apiary's Investor Profile, then you're in for a treat! Read more »


The Ghost Candle: An October Trading Story

It started like any normal morning. I wake up and grab the computer. I wipe the crusties out of my eyes and try to focus as the high beam of the computer monitor cuts through the blackness of the 6am US open trading session. I am used to the torture, though. For years the interrogation tactics of the power button have left me with an increasing tolerance to the pain of the bright morning light. Shaking off the discomfort, I open my charts. In a zombie trance, my hand guides the cursor effortlessly to the 5- and 1-minute charts of the Euro/Dollar. Read more »


Price Action and the Simple Moving Average

In last week's explanation of moving averages, we mentioned that though the exponential moving average seemed more relevant to projecting future price movement, prices tend to react off the simple moving average much more often. It seems counter-intuitive, but it's true!


Understanding Simple and Exponential Moving Averages

In our last blog tip we talked about the general concept of risk management and why it's important for profitable trading. This week we want to dive a little deeper into some specifics that new traders might have questions about! Read more »


What's Apiary All About?

Though Forex is our bread and butter at the Apiary Fund, we realize that most people don’t understand what currencies trading is! Your friends scratch their heads trying to comprehend this new venture, and as a new trader you might have a hard time explaining.

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Announcing the Fall 2012 Traders' Summit

In May, the Apiary Fund invited a few of its traders to gather together in the beehive state for the Spring 2012 Traders’ Summit. There we had the opportunity to enjoy two days of live, in-person currencies training with Apiary’s instructors and risk managers. They taught us about market fundamentals, trading methods and systems, risk management, and statistical analytics. There was even a 6am session called Pancakes and Profits where we traded the US open together!


Yen Posts New All-Time High against US Dollar

The Japanese Yen continued its monthly rally into the end of last week, with the USD/JPY falling to the 75.60 area on broad US Dollar weakness against the majors. The action was relatively surprising as risk sentiment was seen as elevated (bringing buyers to the high yielding currencies) and continued comments from the Japanese Finance Ministry suggested that intervention in the currency markets could be seen at any time.


A Recent Story from one of our Traders

The reasons one is drawn to forex trading are as varied as the personalities that constitute the market itself. If in your pursuit to become an independent,successful trader please, consider yourself as lucky as I do to have found theApiary Investment Fund. My wish to become a consistently winning trader isdriven by one very powerful motivating force: my wife has Chronic FatigueSyndrome (CFS), and for me to properly care for her I need to be at home. Stayingat home and making a good living is a difficult task. But, forex trading is ideallysuited.


5 Common Mistakes Made by New Traders

1. Having Unrealistic Expectations It is easy to see why some traders would lack a clear understanding of which goals are actually attainable when actively trading the forex markets. They are excited about the new possibilities a new career as an active trader would open up but have yet to experience any of the difficulties that every trader will encounter. To learn to become a consistent and successful trader requires research, trial and error and dedication to a structured trading plan. This is not something that will occur overnight.


BoJ Policy Meeting to Give Markets Direction

On Friday, the USD/JPY began trading in the New York session at 76.93 after short covering was seen from funds with short US Dollar positions. Later, activity reversed, as weaker data in US spending and personal income sent spot prices to a 76.70 low. This move was aided by a widening in bank spreads and SEC news stories that suggested possible moves from the rating agencies (implying additional credit downgrades). Stock markets did see some lift later (a JPY negative) as macro data released later in the session came in moderately positive.


BoE’s Bean Comments Suggest Increases in England’s Asset Purchase Program

BoE’s Bean Comments Suggest Increases in England’s Asset Purchase Program; GBP Breaks Support at 1.5780 Friday saw some jittery price action in the GBP after rumors circulated during the European session which suggested that the Bank of England might increase its QE asset purchase plan some time next month. A statement from the Deputy Governor of the BoE (Charles Bean) in a newspaper interview seemed to validate this view so markets will start to price-in a more dovish stance from the central bank in England.