Miami, Florida – Life of a Trader Cruise.

Nov 5, 2018 Map

Miami, Florida – Life of a Trader Cruise.

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The pinnacle of the Apiary experience is a chance to enjoy the life of a trader on this inaugural trading cruise. The “Life of a Trader” is the perfect blend of rest and relaxation with daily trading and training sessions then we ditch the mundane for a life of luxury and paradise before capping the evening off with food and friends. The Life of a Trader includes:

  • Personal mentorship time with Apiary Fund’s professional traders.
  • Live trading events where you’ll see how to manage a successful trading session
  • Personal networking and interaction with both Apiary staff and other successful traders in the hive.
  • Opportunity to learn new strategies.
  • See how traders balance the life of trading with a bountiful life.

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