What is the Apiary Investment Fund?

The Apiary Fund is a proprietary trading fund. There are several sub-accounts of the fund which are managed by separate individuals. Each individual works to grow their account, recieving a split of their profits every month. Our community of traders works together similar to a beehive, which is how the fund received its name. The hive mentality illustrates our philosophy on money management – that is, we manage our risk by taking a diversified approach to the number of traders who each manage a small percentage of the fund. The fund then shares a large portion of the profits with its traders ensuring that both the fund and the traders’ incentives are in complete alignment.

How can I talk to someone about getting involved?

Give us a call at 1-801-701-1650. Our main office is in Utah, the beehive state, so we’re usually available on weekdays during regular business hours, US Mountain Time.

Can I invest in the Apiary Fund?

No. The Apiary Fund is not a security. That is to say, it is not comprised of multiple investments pooled together. We cannot accept money to invest into the fund, nor can we sell parts of it. It’s simply private company money that is allocated to sub-accounts that participants can qualify to trade.

How long is the Trader Development Program?

It’s designed to be 12 weeks (about 3 months). You can go through it at your own pace, though. It typically takes at least 3 months of practice for the concepts and strategies to start showing consistency in a trader’s virtual account. Like learning an instrument or taking a course, there’s no magic pill and it will take some accountability and dedication on your part to master a new skill.

Is there a Risk Deposit?

No. The traders of the Apiary Fund are not responsible for paying back losses. That’s why we have such an in-depth training and qualification process.

Is there a cost?

Yes. There is a technology/desk fee of $97/mo which covers all software licensing, real-time data, content and website server costs.

There are also optional Trader Live and Trader Pro levels. The Trader Live level allows you to attend live streamed discussions and trading rooms with live instructor interaction with a one-time cost of $697. Trader Pro allows the same live streaming discussion access with an added course tailored to creating a trading business for $994.

Do I need to have a professional license?

Nope, but it’s not a bad thing if you do. We’re a private fund trading our own money. There’s no investors’ money at stake that would require external certification; however, knowing more about the markets is never a bad thing.

What if I’m not ready after 3 months?

We don’t kick anyone out. We don’t force you to trade, either. We’ll continue to work with you as long as it takes for it to make sense and for your account to become profitable and consistent.

Where did the idea come from? What is the history of the Apiary Fund?

Having a lifelong career in money management and financial education, our head trader was asked to be an expert witness in an international case between an American and Chinese trading firm. Upon arriving in China to observe the company’s practices, he was surprised to learn that the company was training people from all backgrounds to manage their money, rather than just those with financial degrees. This provided the Chinese company with a unique risk diversification model, having multiple traders using diverse strategies. The Apiary Fund was created with a similar premise: allowing anyone the opportunity to not only learn professional money management skills, but also giving everyone the opportunity to trade company money and keep the larger share of the profits. Trading money that’s not their own also helps remove people from emotional stress. Using the internet, the professionals at the Apiary Fund are able to train people all over the world, giving them access to necessary software and training.

How do I get a funded account?

One of the Apiary Investment Fund risk managers will analyze your virtual trading statistics to determine whether you’re ready. They’re looking for you to be winning more frequently than losing, with a greater average win than average loss. They will also want to see that you are not risking too much of your account at a time and that your performance has a reasonably predictable consistency. In a nutshell, you keep learning and practicing until you are able to get a consistent, profitable equity curve.

What if I’m already a successful currencies trader?

Great! Our software has some unique proprietary things that you’ll need to get used to, though, like risk management parameters and forecasting tools. You’ll need to go through the same process of training and showing your ability to succeed in a virtual Apiary Fund account in order to qualify for a funded account. You’ll probably be able to do so quickly, too. We love to add more good systems and traders.

Do I have to be a US citizen?

No. We use distributive technology to communicate with our associates and manage activity worldwide. Although our central office is in the United States, many of our money managers and interns are located in various countries throughout the globe. Thanks to the internet, we are able to work together as a community holding weekly discussions, participating in live trading rooms, and helping each other become better money managers.

Why is the profit split so large?

We know that most proprietary traders only receive around 20% of their profits. We find that giving you more takes stress off the table and improves trading performance. The combination of leverage in the forex market and a large profit split allows Apiary traders the opportunity to supplement or replace an income with a relatively small account size.

How will I get paid?

For funded accounts, profits are withdrawn and divided on the 20th of each month. Depending on your location, you will receive a check or wire transfer for your profit split.