Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Apiary Fund.


What is the Apiary Investment Fund?  

The Apiary Fund is a proprietary trading fund and education company with a primary focus on risk management in the markets.  We offer hundreds of hours of recorded education, copious live classes a week, and simulated trading accounts to practice in while you’re going through the education.  Once you’ve completed the education, Apiary Fund will give you a live funded account with Apiary money to trade!

How Can I talk to someone about joining the Apiary Fund?  

The Apiary Fund is open Monday thru Thursday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM  Eastern time. During this time, you can give us a call at 801-701-1650 or email us at support@apiaryfund.com.  You can also message us on Facebook at facebook.com/apiaryfund.

Can I trade my own money with Apiary Fund?  

Unfortunately not.  The Apiary is not a security.  This means that it is not comprised of multiple investors money and it cannot be sold in parts wither.  Apiary Fund is a private pool of company money allocated to sub-accounts traders can qualify to manage.

How long does it take to go through the education and get funded?  

The education program (Beeline to Funding) was developed to take traders approximately 3 months from start to finish.  This is not to say it will take everyone 3 months. The beeline is a self-paced program consisting of videos and practice trades meeting certain requirements.  As long as you’re dedicating about an hour a day and able to maintain your stats on a positive side, it will take you around 3 months to get funded.

Is there a risk deposit?  

No.  The Apiary Fund takes all the risk in the trading.  If you do have a loss, you will have to trade your account back into the positive to receive your profit check for the month if you’re in a funded account.

Is there a cost?

Yes.  There is a $97/month tech fee that covers software licensing, data-feeds, and web server costs.  There are also optional account upgrades available for a one-time cost. These one-time upgrades are Trader Live ($697) which includes live access to our webinars with Apiary Fund’s professional trading instructors, access to recordings from those classes, and access to Trader on the Street with live trading videos; and Trader Pro ($994) which has all the trader live benefits along with a thirteenth education course on creating a trading business best suited to you.

What is the benefit of Trader Live or Pro?  

While Trader Live and Pro are not required for funding, our stats show that for all of our funded traders in level one accounts, 85% of them have trader live.  Once you look at our funded level 2 traders, 91% of them have trader live access. This just goes to show that while not required, that access to live trade rooms and professional instructors, along with the communication that goes on between students in these classes, it really give traders an edge on the market.

How many levels of funding are there?  

Apiary Fund has 4 funding levels.  Funded Level 1 is an account with a baseline balance anywhere between $1000 and $9,999.  At this level, traders will keep 60% of the profits they make. Funded Level 2 is a base account balance of anywhere between $10,000 and $49,999.  At this funding level, traders will get paid 70% of their profits. Funded Level 3 is a base account balance of between $50,000 and $99,999 where 80% of profits will be kept by the traders.  Finally, Funding Level 4 is $100,000 to $250,000 where traders will keep 85% of the profits.

Do I need to have a professional Trading License?  

No.  Since Apiary Fund is a private fund and our funded traders aren’t trading investors money, no licensing is required to trade.  Yet, if you want to get your licensing, a little extra education never hurt anyone.

How do I get into a funded account?  

One of the Apiary Fund’s risk managers will be analyzing your statistics for criteria to put you into a funded account as you go through the beeline.  As long as your stats meet these requirements as you progress through the beeline, upon completion you’ll be in a funded account: 1) Average win is greater than average loss. 2) You are winning more trades than you are losing.  3) You are maintaining good risk management and not meeting or exceeding a 2% loss per trade or 5% loss in a single day.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen?  

No.  While our main office is located in the U.S., we have traders in every continent except Antartica and in more countries than can be listed in this section.

Where did the idea of Apiary Fund come from?  

Having a lifelong career in money management and financial education, our head trader was asked to be an expert witness in an international case between an American and Chinese trading firm. Upon arriving in China to observe the company’s practices, he was surprised to learn that the company was training people from all backgrounds to manage their money, rather than just those with financial degrees. This provided the Chinese company with a unique risk diversification model, having multiple traders using diverse strategies. The Apiary Fund was created with a similar premise: allowing anyone the opportunity to not only learn professional money management skills, but also giving everyone the opportunity to trade company money and keep the larger share of the profits. Trading money that’s not their own also helps remove people from emotional stress. Using the internet, the professionals at the Apiary Fund are able to train people all over the world, giving them access to necessary software and training.

What if I’m already a successful currency trader?  

If you’re already making pips in the market, great!  Apiary would love to have you. With Apairy software having certain risk requirements and styles, it can take a bit to get used to.  Due to this, experienced traders still go through the process to get used to the platform. As long as you’re experienced, the process should go very smooth and fast for you.  

How do I get paid?  

Once you are funded, profits will be withdrawn on the 20th of every month.  Depending on your location, you will either be mailed a check or e-transferred your profit share on the 10th of the following month.

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