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09/29/20 5:30am EST..................ORDERS NOT FILLING!!!!

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09/29/20 5:30am EST..................ORDERS NOT FILLING!!!!

Well here comes a breakout but CANNOT FILL ORDERS!!!!!!!!!!
There goes EUR/USD............but I'm already down from bad order fills
This is BS.....................

Yeah, that's right I get p**ssed off about this lack of platform support.

Tue, 09/29/2020 - 5:38am

I'm trading or looking at the charts all day and there was no Trading Disabled or Cannot fill orders ... yet ... it will come later, with the US session, when prices start to move fast.

Yes, I agree. It needs to get sorted.

And pls don't let yourself get side-tracked with support answers about renaming a config file as a 'solution'.

It's Server based. 100% sure. Nothing you can do about it, sitting in front of your computer.

btw ... I have 2 other platforms running in paralel, none of them are down ... all trading normal.


i had that happen to me and you can't cancel order when it's status is "processing" so you have to wait for it to get filled or it fail to get filled because it's "off quote" and than you place another order and wait again.
some time price would trigger my 2 pip TP and it would fail to close (process) trade 2-3 times in a row so i end up with 7-8 pip profit instead of 2.
you win some you lose some.