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10 EMA (High) with Price Action

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10 EMA (High) with Price Action

For so long I tried trading a mechanical trading system. I never got anywhere with that.
I believe that's an old fashion way of looking at trading.
Every day is different every trading situation is unique. It is better if you learn to read price action.

My trading strategy consists of doing the analysis of Daily and H4 using trendlines and support resistance.
You can use the H4 and Daily for analysis and look for entry signals in candlestick patterns on H1.

Once the trade is working out in my favour I like to compound my position by entering every time price pulls back to 10 EMA(High) with higher lot size and exiting with 10-15 pips in profit.

Just put the 10 EMA (High) on your chart see how it catches most pullbacks on the major pairs.

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 6:00am