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10 Pip Rush questions

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10 Pip Rush questions

having trouble understanding what is required for Silver II 10 Pip Rush.Make 10 pips on 10 trades with no inter-trade loss potential greater than
5 pips. Alveo must be open for duration of the trade. Is that 10 trades in a row? Does that mean that a trade can,t be down 5 or 6 pips before going up 10 pips and closed? Does that mean all trades must be day trades?

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 2:34pm

Set Take Profit (TP) at 10 and Stop Loss (SL) at 5 without using trailing stops. Use .01 lots. It shouldn't matter if they are day or GTC. Best to use on breakouts or breakdown. Watch for other open trades interrupting task. I hope this helps.


thanks Sean. So I guess that means 10 trades in a row.


I just made Silver II today as well. If you paste 4TH DOWN CONVERSION, 3RD DOWN CONVERSION, AND 10 PIP RUSH in the search bar there is allot of information on this and some methods to achieve it quickly - they are not necessarily quality trading techniques, but the information is worth looking at. By the way I set my on click trade on 10 TP and 5 SL. I was in multiple pairs scaling in and I hit on 2. Because of the spread I went out a 9.90 PIPS. Point being I changed my TP to 11 and SL to 4, so I don't lose anymore trades.


Good on you Rick!


I am working on this right now as well! I hope I can finish it by today :)


I opened 20 trades(10 long and 10 short),;let the profitable run and closed the looser