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1000 pips in a week!

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1000 pips in a week!

Last night when I went to bed it was after 6 days of having trades and different pairs going. It seemed as if it were a waste of time, because it had only been up by 300 pips. But everything that I could see was showing that it was still trending in the right direction on all the pairs that I was trading on. So because of that not only did I leave them for the night I added a couple more positions continuing the trend and slept perfectly fine. I woke up this morning 2 my positions being a total of 956 Pips! Because I knew that that was in over extension for 1 block of time, I decided then to close my trades and collect my winnings as it were. I say this story to encourage anyone who is new to trading like I am. Let this be an encouragement to you too both not sell yourself short, and also tonight be over greedy or zealous for gain. Yes I had some trades that we're going for 6 days, but it ended with a 4% increase in my account. 4% increase in a week is Pleasant by any standard! Blessings on your trades!

Thu, 08/02/2018 - 3:50am
Mike Smith

I just did 91 pips in 5 hours by using shawn's trading room style how I can, but I use apiary pivot breaks and alignment trading for more guiding (M1,M5) . I imagine if I trade binged I could make a few hundred pips a day this way. But at least break even. Ha, it's good to see if there's not many losing days. Trading psychology training helps a lot. As well as the right trend direction (I use 0 day standard deviation)


Mid BBand Pivots are great ongoing entry points in anything that is trending. By the time the Pivot appears it's too late to enter there, but it is a great confirmation of a Stop Limit pull back - trend entry.


i agree profit is the answer!


The summer months tend to be times of consolidation. Therefore I don't expect huge gains till October. I use two HMAs (21 and 200) to help determine trend and signal.
Blessings on your trading!


Thanks for your words of encouragement zacharykamin. I am having a hard time moving at Silver 2 to get those 50 to 100 pips. I'll keep trying and praying!


It's encouraging to know that it is possible zacharykamin! I have had the experience of leaving my trades on overnight to wake up to gains in the morning. Only once I have trades that I have set up and in the green with the trend on a four hour chart. I did it last night for 90 pips, but I will need to double up to hit 1000 pips in one week. Blessings on your trading also!


That's great!
It gives me the inspiration to learn and practice longer term trading. I've focused primarily on shorter time frames but it would serve me well to learn patience. :-)


Because Of work life shifting on me I was forced into a position do long term tradind.
I wake up at 4 am EST at the London Open to trade till 530 when I have to get ready for work.
Once I begin trading full time as my main source of income I will be able to trade both Intermediate and Short term. I don't have the patience for Long term just yet.


Because Of work life shifting on me I was forced into a position do long term tradind.
I wake up at 4 am EST at the London Open to trade till 530 when I have to get ready for work.
Once I begin trading full time as my main source of income I will be able to trade both Intermediate and Short term. I don't have the patience for Long term just yet.


I was trading in EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUS/USD, and USD/JPY


I see previously you where using the 5M for signal, what are you using now?
I still need to find the best time frame for my trading time as I am also working, dont have time to spend more than 1 hour trading a day


1000 pips in a week!, That's my goal, please leave a few for me:)
I know have added the caveat of with a profitable equity curve...


I attached a picture of my long term chart.
HMA 21
HMA 200
Bands (defult)
CCI (10)
STO (5,3,3)
still fine tuning it. Having fun with it as it were.


I gained 1500 pips this week.
mind you I have a small accountil so I'm not willing to risk more that a mini lot per Trade. I'll have anywhere from 12 the 28 positions open at any given time.
Nevertheless I keep it all in perspective. larger gains come with large accounts. I hope to be faithful with little so that I will be trusted to be faithful with much.

I haven't been a perfect trader. 2 months aho I lost 20 percent in my account and was locked out for 3 weeks to train. it was then that I began to learn this intermediate style of trading. I have done well with it all things considered.


Yo Zac maybe you forgot something... just saying

Michael 9067

My target is 2% per day. 10% per week would generate a nice income.......


if that is your goal and you have a history of making it than go for it!
I know I can get 1.5 to 2 percent a day. but my goal is only 1 percent. 1 percent turns into 25 percent pretty quick and when I have a 10k account, that'll be about 2500 profit. I can live off that


Zac, have you considered the Ben Franklin compound interest formula of reinvesting and multiplying your result as the equity grows.


Yep! The profits do add up. Forget the Benjamin Franklin. Zac can create his own formula. Cheers!


@fitzmax2k you haven't been around long enough to say "Forget the Benjamin Franklin.".. just saying.


Very nice...I also prefer the longer term strategies, h2 & h4...


I started using ariary pivots and I love it!

Mike Smith

I was very successful before Apiary fund using Adjustable Bill Williams fractals. My equity curve always went up, not down. Granted with the addition of a particular money management strategy. Along with a currency strength meter for trend, I am experimenting with it now. I always liked making money with the fractals, it was such a raw feeling.

With Adjustable fractals I can widen the range even more than Apiarypivots.


I use Bill Williams fractal measurements to extend profit on trending markets. It's a chaotic market and his studies provided some amazing measurements that fit this Forex market. I'm still improving my daily profit target, made 54.14% first month + 32.73% 2nd month + 41.81% on my 3rd month since implementing the fractal measurement. Total of 128.68% in 90 days to next funded level.


@triguylm1 This sounds interesting, and you results are truly impressive! Can you provide a good reference to start studying the Bill Williams fractal measurements and how you apply them?


Bill Williams explains chaos in a neat and simple way -

Marco; Perhaps, the measurement is also chaotic in these currency markets. So, to make things a little easier, I find I have to use daily candle formations, along with S/R zones; plus, in trending markets I use 1 deviation of the 1.26% fractal measurement to place profit targets, so this is an exit measurement. The entry measurement is triggered when price makes a fake out move, much like a basket ball player will make to get the defensive player going the "Wrong way". Sound about Right!!! So you see this 90% of the time. Price will jump out of consolidation and next thing you realize it reverses and then continues to run the opposite way for hours.

So in price bound markets; which occurs more often than not: so most of the time price will run bullish to Resistance "Zone" and run flat creating another consolidation phase, then in a few days price will eventually run bearish toward support. So this creates a swing trade of about 150 to 300 pips. So, in between this large 90 day price range one can expect a strong buy near support within the fractal measurement above support, (opposite of trending market) Also, then same measurement for a strong sell near resistance zone.

So here again, I look for market sentiment buy following financial news events and knowing each country's monetary policy, along with interest forecast statements. For example, European policy has recently changed, and is putting bearish pressure on the Euro currency pairs. So, now a trending market. Keep in mind overbought or undersold prices tend to keep one guessing which way to enter the market as well.

Market sentiment for entry and fractal measurement for exit.

Also, keep in mind the expansion phase which adds more volatility to the market as volume increases.


1% a day return is stellar performance if it is sustained. That would be about 20% a month. And this is doable in Forex using discipline and following ones rules. Like quitting for the day or night when ones targets are met rather than getting greedy and going for that one last trade. That would be the Vegas mentality lol

I salute you Zackary for your newly inspired performance.

You said you depleted your account by 20%. Over a period of a year since being funded I managed to deplete my account by 40%. But I have only hit the maximum day loss of 5% twice. And these were by setting large Stop Loss levels by being stupid.

Now I make sure that none of my individual trades can loose more than 1% and all my trades in a day cannot loose more than 4% if things go south.

As a result I am clawing my way back to by original funded level and will review your strategies to see if they will make sense for me.

Thanks for sharing.



Have you by chance read any of Bill's books or have you found enough good info online?

Thank you


Looks like I may end the month with 2200 pips. That is a great Month to me! God is good!

Best Advice I can give to anyone is the advice my Drill Sergeant gave me is Basic Combat training whilst a good a platoon wide smoking.
" When you wake in the morning you tell yourself one of two things. either 1. "Today I'm gonna be a Soldier" or 2. "Today I'm gonna be a shit head" I suggest you start telling yourself the former."

translated to here. when you wake up, tell yourself, "I'm good to be the best money manager I know."


Pulling off 1,000 pip in a week is a great deal! I made 1,000 PiP in a day! 350 in 4 hours! When the market is moving their is no telling just how much you can add to your PiP tally, so have a great deal and be safe!


I just Made 1000 pips today.
I agree It is not difficult. the key to success is to have your rules and follow your rules. I didn't follow my rules monday and I lost 1000 pips in a day.
By God's grace I'm back where I started!
Blessings on your progress through Silver 3!
I was fortunate to get through the Beeline in 90 days and I gotta say Silver 2 was by far the hardest experience for me.


Ended the week in the green! that's all you can ask for I suppose!


I also have a goal of 1% profit a day.


One of my favorite presentations at Summit was Rex Johnson's 'Trading Longer Time Frames.' Will try this on Sunday, selling GBPJPY. If the downtrend continues, should profit 600 pips in three weeks.


Joe, I would certainly like to see that presentation however it may or may not ever be posted for us to view.

Would you post your take away?



Ok, and i thought i was bordering insanity, on one occasion i hit 1400 pips in a day, now that was really wild, i do not even remember what i did, but i know that i had a bunch of trades that really went my way. But then sometime last week i pulled in 1128 pips, that was calculated and made me feel good. But i am also watching the psychology behind trading, because i think its the most important thing to us as traders.

Happy trading.


I like to make 1000 pips a week as week. Can anybody please come up with a detailed step by step strategy so we all can learn?


I put in 2 trades last This morning GBP/AUD, USD/CHF at the moment I'm up a total of 212 pips. I need for at least 1 of these trades to stay above 25 pips to have the final qualifying trade for the 25-5-24. It's really been a challenge trying to got the 5 profitable trading days continually to move up to Silver 2. I would really like to make huge pips every week. You post helped some. Thanks.


I have 2 more items to achieve in Silver II - 5 profitable trades in 5 days and 50 pips in one trade. Both which I seem to be having difficulty achieving. I have been using the H1 and H4 with the S/R and also the trend. My biggest problem was setting my SL to close and I would get stopped which was causing more losses then wins. Because of this it has taught me to keep my % low. My setup for the 50 pips seems to struggle so this is taking much longer then I would like.


that's awesome !


triguy - thanks for the tip on the fractal measurement it sounds like an intelligent way to determine a good target price and stop loss.

I have a video to go and watch!

Happy Trading


Wow. Just scrolling through the success is exciting especially for a newer trader. Thank you.


Trading short term and intermediate works good for me of a night. it is so much quieter and don't rush into trades.


Great Goal!
1000pips/week is a good income, of course depending on how much you are risking.
1 lot would be nice!
I have noticed that long term trading is good to do but have found, short term can generate more over same range.
take for example they tell you wait it out, let it go longer.
So you take the 1 order and wait...and wait for it to rise say 10pips.
Now during that same time the price went up 4pips and down 5pips. It did this 4 times before hitting the 10pips the long trader is hoping for. Now during that same time you have made 4x 5pips=20pips compared to the 1 trade of 10pips. I have done this with the EUR/JPY day in and day out. Especially closing time. Now I'm retired so its not that I have to run off to a job. This is my NEW Job. Working towards making an income from anywhere I might be.
Good Luck and I wish you Good Fortune.
All for One and One for All!!


zacharykamin, Your results are similar to what the market is giving, so, sometimes not as much. and once in a while a huge gain. so I tend to believe one has to keep the leverage low enough that risk is well below the 5% limit rule, and then scale in more leverage as market continues to run profitable. Using trail stops to protect the profits.

Shred_It_Ralf, thanks, yes the measurement is used to capture those spike moves in the market, but can also, be used to launch a long term position, as market keeps testing S/R levels. This way, one can take profit on one of 3 positions and let the other two positions run for a longer time.

Below is my typical week of 1,400 pips @ 8.34% Profit = 1.67% average per day.

So, I don't count Sunday evening, just point less. any way 5 profitable days week after week after week.

Capture 2.207.PNG Capture 2.208.PNG Capture 2.209.PNG Capture 2.2014.PNG Capture 2.2017.PNG

good job its good to wake up in the morning and see those kind of gains


Today I cashed in a big win. in one day gained 986 pips. 3.5% gain in 1 day. I still have some trades going. but I see a resistance wall up ahead so I am preparing for a period of Consolidation/ retracement.

As I have stated in this thread and in PM Conversations. this intermediate style is not all I do.
I also trade the 5/15min charts HMA strategy.

Aimoc makes a marvelous point about the Psycology of Trading.
I encourage everyone to watch Videos on the Psychology of Trading on both your Boohoo and Woohoo days of trading.
As well, Watch Ron's Risk Management Videos since he is the one who raises your funds, you need to know what He's looking for.


I copied my Strategy that I Typed out last week to someone who asked about my strategy on PM.

So here is what I do, as best as I can make sense of my "system"

1. I watched all the the videos and discussions that Apiary has provided on "Long Term Trading" also if I can get on a live discussion and ask the person running it anything that confuses me about their way of trading. they love when you engage them with questions.
if you have a hard day ask them about it. I remember having a horrible week, losing two hundred dollars bad, and asking if the market was acting up. they looked and said,' Yes, the whole week the EUR/USD was consolidating and didn't trend in either direction."

2.I was really good at Scalping, but my work schedule changed and style unfortunately did not. 2 months ago I actually lost 20 percent and got my account locked out for 4 weeks till I finally had a good week of trading. Incidentally The normal lock out time is 2 weeks, but I was so bad that after 2 weeks I was down by 90 cents. Ron, the Risk Manager was not impressed to say the least and told me He'll review my progress in a week. after another week the practice account was down 200 dollars, no surprise Ron did not Email me. and after that 4th week I was still down 80 dollars but Ron saw it as good enough progress to get back in a funded account. I still was trading my old way. I knew when I read Ron's "Keep up the good trading" I knew that needed to change. That's when I started to learn a more intermediate and long term approach that has served me well for the last 3 weeks.

I have by God's grace accumulated just under 1300 pips. but tomorrow's another day so we shall see what God has in store for me tomorrow.

Therefore, here is my long anticipated system:

I use two HMAs 1 is just the default HMA, the second is and 200 HMA.
I also use a Stochastic with default just as a strength indicator.
and Bollinger Bands default.
HMA 21 Short term Trend
HMA 200 Long term Trend
STO Default for strength of trend.
Bollinger Bands for my boundaries.

So that's the set up. Now, Here is the fun part, the kicker if you will. Lately I have been treating my trading as more of a dance to be apart of then so much a Math equation needing to be solved.

This will be your frustration with me is before this will work you need to know your own rhythm. So this is roughly how I do it.

I have ALL USD pairs open with the indicators listed.

and I simply open trades as the bar closes over the 21 HMA
I allows do sell orders with Pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD and I always do Buy orders with Pairs like USD/JPY and USD/CAD.

I only do mini lots (.01 lots) but I may open any where from 1 to 4 positions in a single instance depending on my confidence.

You may ask why I use all the USD pairs and not just a couple. well the answer is simple. the Market is complicated. and spreading my positions accross all the pairs allows for a kind of diversification that only trading the EUR/ USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY didn't give me.

here's how it works.

let say I have this set up

4 positions open in EUR/USD
3 positions open in GBP/USD
3 positions open in USD/JPY
2 positions open in USD/ CAD
2 positions open in NZD/ USD
3 positions open in AUS/ USD
2 positions open in USD/CHF

that's 19 positions total.
Why do I do that. well let's say the EUR strengthens and so my EUR/USD seems to run away from me going bearish. well those banks that caused the EUR to bearish have to get that money from somewhere. so while EUR messes with me my other trades are fine.
Also News doesn't effect currencies where the bankers are asleep.
if something happens tonight. it may spike Australia and Japan but it won't effect the Pound and Euro very much.
down side. right now, my account is showing me being in the red by 500 pips. it's been worse. Stay on top of it.

I like the 4 hour charts because I only have to check them every 4 to 8 hours with out any real worries.


I have since then removed the Sto and the 200 HMA.
in the Bell Curve of Trading it was just too much information for me to digest.
I left them in the post because perhaps they'll be useful to you.


It is great lucky work, but I am not so lucky, as my position of GBPCAD had triggered SL , I just got 34 pips, my target is 260 pips, I think it should move SL to protect the position when you can not have full cpnfi


I think it should move SL to protect the position when you could not have full confidence for the trade.


Zac, methinks you'd be better served replacing the bounded Stochastic with the unbounded CCI. Just a thought.

As all your traded pairs above are a USD cross you might consider watching the DXY as an indicator and moving the time frame of your trades out to a day or 2-4 hours at a minimum and making good use of the support and resistance areas as Triguy points out above.

BTW minus 500 pips isn't that bad compared to some I know of but its all relative to the daily PA targets.

Onward to consistently profitable trading.


Hey there Rookie.
I'll add the CCI for this week and see if it is helpful for me. see if it raises my W/L Ratio/Avg
blessings on your trading


Want to thank @triguylm1 for pointing out Bill Williams video trading on youtube. I have studied this type of trading several times.

I also wanted to thank Zac for showing the trading indicators you are using.


Well, it looks like this is the thread to join too.. Just hit G3 so now every move has to be watched with wit and care. Its not the paper money account anymore. Let the games begin.


Bravo Aimoc! Bravo!

Amanda Vatim

Hi Guys,

We have been reading a lot of information in here posted by other Level III Bee's worker. Hope we will get there soon.

Great info!


@Amanda, Yes! Please keep reading! keep watching! Keep Learning!

this is an acquired skill indeed, one that I'm still learning. Like Socrates, that Ancient wise Greek, we must confess first that we know nothing, so that we might learn what is necessary


Inspiring messages. Learning a lot from you all.. Blessed trading to all..


well done.


That's Awesome


anybody have a Facebook page and would like to become friends to help one another on trading?


When I first started, I used the M5 chart and H1 chart. Now I look at H4 and D1 chart to find a trend. Before entering a trade, I look at M1/M5 charts. If these charts are going in the same direction of the H4/D1 trend, I enter the trade.


Great trading. Looking forward to trying it!!


Lots of good ideas .
Thanks for sharing


Fantastic info...


thanks for sharing, i am at silver I having a hard time for making more than 20 pips hopefully this strat will help me a lot


in CST at what time do you place your trades?


I am very interested in learning about Fractals. I think it's a very good method on how to trade. However I do not understand it totally.
So at this point I need some more information using Fractals.

Thanks again


I think that 's great if you have the ability to gain a 1000 pips per week. I am looking forward to accomplishing 1000 pips per week as well. I just need some more help getting to that point.


mc.....I just watched the Bill Williams video from triguy above:

I really like the philosophy and am going to give it a try myself......


So for those who need a basic idea of what that fractal number is and how to use it; then, you may piggy back my setups.

so the fractal number is 26. Which to most of us is just an interesting number. what do I do with that?

The calculation is based from his Chaos theory. take a straight line from point A to Point B and the fractal measurement is used to provide that price will move no more than 1.26 % deviation. Or looking at price on a chart the price change on the next candle. So if you are trading off the H4 Chart; then, each candle is 4 hours and the probability, is that the next candle will be within a trading range of the previous candle, and the expansion could very well be up to 1.26% beyond the High price if trending bullish. or it could be 1.26% lower if the trend is running bearish.
"Or somewhere in-between if market is sideways".

So another way to predict with a certain amount of accuracy what to expect for the next candle High and Low prices.




I'm new to Gold, and not commenting for criteria to advance but just curiosity on you experienced traders. Is less more?? or is more less?? I understand the going for huge pips,, I do it too lol, we all do it. I'm just wondering if the true loss is in the small opportunities. I think as traders we either want to be glued to the charts all day while we trade or wait for the Beluga set ups and kill it once a day or once a week. As someone only trading few years and only this year finally getting in forex from Binary past few,, I want to know which is better? Less or More? Can someone answer that for me because I love hugeeeee gain results,, but I see everyday where I would have cleaned up focused on the small gaiins vs. the big breakout ones. Any responses,, thanks and luv in advance :)


Today is Wednesday (Thursday GMT time) and I just made 603.6. I have achieved with what I considered a good run (54.7 pips) and the rest have been smaller then that including my 3 worse losses of (-131.00 pips). akutee2010 - I think it all depends on your time and how long you can actively trade for small achievements vs a long term set up.




I have been working on a little bit of both for my trading. small wins thru scalping when I have a few hours and overnight trading to catch a few big winners. Since many of my scalping trades are done with multiple lots, if I hit a good trade I will usually leave on the biggest winners (2 trades) that are farthest from the current price and put in a trailing stop. with this I can catch a few more pips out of my total trade.

Steve Perry recently did a class on overnight trade that had a lot of great insight and would behoove you to take a listen. It was insightful, eye opening and possibly very profitable!

Good luck!


I am more comfortable on the H1 chart. I need to regain my patients and let some trades go. In Gold 1 & 2, I have become skidish and closed out when at the first sign of fluctuation.


Reading threw this stuff just intimidates me. I have been slowly progressing and finally got silver III. I'm just tickled to end the session in "green mode" can't imagine a 1% day right now. Long term charts scare me because I can"t sleep knowing what I have at risk. It may be paper money but it's still money to me. Reckon I'm just a turtle.


May ask you how large your lot sizes were?


@teejay, you're on the right track., you will be in Gold sooner.


So awesome, wash rinse and repeat. Great work!


Way to go, Hope every one of these bees to achieve this kind of results soon.


hit 1000 pips today! yay!
took a break for a time from this strategy so as to learn more strategies and techniques.
but, now I am back!


Great Job :)


Up another step to Gold II, Its home it does not take another 6 months to GOLD 3 and Funding.


So which strategy can help me achieve a 1000 pips a day ?


The amount of pips is relative, it does not mean much but rather the % profit is what you need to look for.

Making a 1000 pips is not that difficult, a 20 pips move on 50 positions at 0.01 lots equal 1000 pips. equals 100$ - 1% profit on a 10,000 accounts

Or open up 10 positions at 0.10 lots with a 10 pips move will get you a 100 pips equals 100$ - 1% of profits, the same result

Or open 1 full lots 1.00 for a 10 pips moves equals 100$ - 1% profits also.

Yes, it does look good when you talk about making a 1000 pips, but you can do a 10 pips moves and still making the same amounts of money, you just don't look like a hero banking 10 pips lol..



"but you can do a 10 pips moves and still making the same amounts of money"

actually, I think you will make money as opposed to maybe just breaking even and most scalpers here don't even break even.


Nice work. Keep it up!!


or do both - make 1000 pips and 1000 $ - it depends what I'm after.


Lol good one Jean Francois,
Since you are in G3
How does it work on G3 when you are funded, does your accounts reset every months after paying out the profit, so is your stat reset every months also. ?


only the account balance resets to waterline on the 20th - while the stats keep rolling unless otherwise stated like 'last 20 trades or 20 days' etc. i think.


Merci Jean Francois


Great job ZacheryKamin. I hit over1000 myself the other day. That is what I call riveting.


Great girishku007. Hope you move faster than 6 months.


@Jean Francois

I got one two if you insist @Jean Francois lol 2496 pips 1420$ 22% return

Capture d'écran 2018-12-12 14.25.55.png

@Lejumeau isn't it awesome? the possibilities are endless.


Wow! it is great to see that these high pip amounts are possible. i am excited at 75 to 100, so i am looking forward to experiencing higher pip count...

Thank you for all the comments.


It's exciting when looking at these high pips gain, but what's more important is that they don't need to overtrade to achieve these profit, aka proper risk management. The market will always hit me hard when I start to get overconfident and neglect the proper risk management.


Its great to here about so much success. I just closed Silver 1 and opened Silver 2. I like higher time frames like 1 hr and 4 hr. I can't sit and watch them. I place my trades and come back sometime after a candle has closed and check on them to see what is happening. Then make any adjustments necessary.


You guys are very inspiring! A guy like me tends to get sometimes get lost in the details, but you guys are helping light the path. Thanks for sharing!


Congrats, It is nice that is within reach.


Congratulations on your achievements. As a new traders I was more curious how did you achieve these targets. I saw your statics it is impressive. If you do not mind can we see few trades to understand what type of SL, TP and Lot Size you use. Do use scheduled orders and manually monitor them at an interval of 4-8 hours as per one of your comments.


took me the entire week to hit the 50 pip target. keep your heads up and keep trying


The way I see it is as follows : There are tmes when it pays to look for big moves and more pips . The is there is going to be a high volatility news event , I would do a breakout trade on both sides . That is a stop order trade . I 'd make sure that my entry points are not to far or too close . Not always , but usually it results in profit . If there is loss , it is minimal .
Now when there isn't news , I do shorter term term trades . I try to get a few pips up and down too if feasible .Every situation needs to be evaluated . I believe the reason why we have all this training upon training even though it may be repetitive , is to prepare us as best as possible the usual and even unusual .scenarios It is easy to win half of the time . It is not so easy to win 80 to 90 per cent of the time . But I believe , that practice , training, persistence and discipline will eventually bring us closer and closed to achieve high winning rate .I do not know about every one else . I have had forex experience prior to Apiary . How many of you have had that ? Sure I was trained . But I believe that the training with Apairy is more intense than I have ever had . As such , I believe that it will all pay off in the end!


I'm brand new to Forex with Apiary. Started Thanksgiving week. I like the training, practice, and experience, but I'm having trouble settling on a strategy. So many choices. I don't know if I should try for one strategy to cover all pairs/time frames or have one for each situation (specific pairs, trending vs consolidating, etc). Should I get one that's tried and true or develop one myself? I'll even pay for one if I know it's solid. So many hours spent backtesting different ones just to throw them away in the end. Don't get me wrong. Even if I decide to toss a particular strategy I always learn a thing or two in testing it so it's not a complete waste. My mentor says to only use strategies as a temporary tool and eventually I will develop a 'style'. No strategy needed at that point. That's the light at the end of the tunnel, but right now the tunnel is dark and cold. I guess my stats are OK. I'm sitting on a small profit and my avg win stays higher than my avg. loss (not by much, but it's bigger), but my win rate stays right around 50%. Any advice?


Congratulations and thank you for the advice


@boss_hogg Since no-one replied, I'll take a shot. First, congrats on the crypto gains! Personally, I never tried to touch these, but since you made profits, make sure to protect them!!! Wanted to short crypto at the beginning of last year, but never had the guts to do it. The first and only advice I would give is to never trade against a trend. I wish someone explained this to me when I started to trade as, initially, I have been always looking for reversals and literally blew thousands on my previous accounts. If a series of trades goes against you, just try to reverse what you are doing -- analysis sometimes works as well, but much more rarely in forex trading than in real life. Of course, this strategy does not always work, and definitely avoid trading in consolidating markets, at least initially.

Reversals happen much more rarely than most people think. Look for a strong trend identified by any average (SMA(>50), EMA(>50), HMA(>50)) significantly below or above the current bars to find the trend. The averages should be long term, 50-200 periods. Try to find an entry point: Even if you make a mistake, the trend will save you. For equities, the down trends are usually more pronounced. Equities and ETFs usually work their way up step by step slowly but can have violent falls. This is why I am more successful shorting equities as the whole process happens much faster. But I guess it doesn't make a lot of difference in trading forex pairs.

You might want to subscribe to Apiary Signals if you are out of ideas.


Awesome Job.


I tried out the Ichimoku today on GU and did quite well. However ICT gave me better entry and exit. I guess I still need to do some further investigations into this. Looks promising though.



How long it took you tame 1000 pips ?

Lyn G



Hello HiveMates,
I've swing traded equities for years, so I find it very uncomfortable to scalp; still, I made it through bronze and silver by scalping. Now that I have gotten closer to funding, I've gone back to trading the daily charts. I am using 1% of account value as a stop loss, which means about 100 pips for a loss (trade size 0.01). I've been closing everything out on Friday, and I only seem to squeeze 50-60 pips out of the winning trades (fortunately there are more wins, so I am slightly positive). My question(s): do ya'll hang on to positions over the weekend? If so, do you do any adjusting to TP and/or SL levels over the weekend? Thanks, R


decker, you may want to check out my GAP post in close to the end posts.

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Thanks for sharing your strategy. You mention your entry (when crossing the HMA 21) but you didn't mention your exits? Targets? I see that you are using B-Bands as "boundaries" does that define your exit? Also, were you able to implement the changes that Rookie suggested and, if so, what were your results?

Thanks everyone for sharing. I dream that one day, hopefully, I will have a 1000 pip week.(its unreal that some are doing that in a day!)
Teach me oh wise ones...


It’s all about been patient and not letting emotions take control. Once your trade is set up let it run to TP or let your risk management do the work with SL.


It’s amazing to see such great pipreturns. It’s very encouraging to me thanks for the thread.


Double_Down, keep in mind its all about the equity return.


Are you using a small amt and a mediuum sl to get your 1000 pips or do you cut the losers off quickly?


@Lejumeau, most impressive trader, hows about an update?


hugsss beezzees, ;) this should be average for us all :) follow the high tf's ;)


1000 pips in a week is an incredible gain.....

I need to overcome the fear factor to hold on to positions and let them run......


very impressive no doubt, but remember daily gain % is more important then pips

Akutee...Always good to "see" you


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I personally do better when I let positions go overnight. I think it's because I'm not there watching and waiting to ruin a great trade. glad to see you're doing well. keep it up!


Hey Ron;

There is no doubt that sometimes you need to get out of your own way.


To tryguylm1 (and all others) - appreciate all the tips, and especially the link to Bill Williams UTube lecture on Fractals- actually a bunch of good videos in the stream. Looking forward to trying it


Great to hear success stories! I was thankful to get one today with the craziness of Gold to the downside.


Thanks for sharing!


Congrats... Great to Sleep and wake up to winning trades


Awesome, thank you for sharing!


It is great to wake up to winning trades however I woke up to one that hit the SL and had a big hole to dig out of :)))
Like Shaun says "do the work" I dug in and it worked out ok....never give up...happy trading


Consistency is a Jewel. I have been fortunate enough to have over 1100 pips in one day, however, that was a full 18 hour day of trading. It is not uncommon for me to get between 400 and 700 pips a day by scalping XAU/USD using Shawn's Wobble Method. This kind of trading does not allow for advancement in learning. So, in order to get funded I am going to have to set time aside to continue progressing through gold. It is great to get in the forums and read what is working. this allows me to set aside some strategies to try in the simulator accounts. Appreciate everyone's input....Stay lean and green....


These numbers are just off the the charts I hope to make it one day


Love the title of this bait.....but it's not. LOL


Wow!! That is amazing!!


Interestingly, through all of the Bee Line thus far my biggest wins have come from setting up the longer term overnight trades where I was getting huge wins after setting up based on the daily charts and entering on the shorter term hourlys as long as the current trend was in the right direction. It was challenging to set the correct stops to ensure the account was getting closed for the day if the trade went against you. But all in all much better wins than all of my scalping. So will be revisiting these setups going forward.




Wow --- 1,000 pips in a week! Hope to get to that level when I "grow up" in the Apiary Fund.


Great Expectations. Hope it becomes reality in near future. Wish you all the best.


Finding the strategy that suits your time frame, abilities and limits your challenges is a difficult task.
When you think you have a plan write it down and read it everyday and follow it. Writing my plan down I think is what
got me thru the beeline. You cannot fly by the seat of your pants. If you follow the plan and you are still losing then
you may need a new plan or it could just be your execution.


Wow! up a 1000 pips that's awesome


Thank you for your advice.


Yes it is possible to win 1000 Pips in a week


Congratulations all of you pipsters and dreamers. I am still in the dreamer class. The important things I have gained here is a better ability to time my plan and less reactive. The experience has made me a better trader so I hope to join the Kilo-pip club soon.


so far i only trade the daily which is nice as ittakes no time from my day. i am tempted by these lower timerame high return strategies though after reading these threads.thanks for sharing


Good stuff, it is quite do able with multiple contracts when you identify a good break, 50 trades moving 20pips or vice versa should get you there!