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20 - Pips Setting

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20 - Pips Setting

To gain a 20 pips either long or short, following are the settings:

Long Settings:

  • 4H Time Frame
  • Price above 50 SMA
  • MACD Histogram above zero and trending up
  • RSI-14 above 50
  • 2:1 Profit/Loss ratio

Short Settings:

  • 4H Time Frame
  • Price below 50 SMA
  • MACD Histogram below zero and trending down
  • RSI-14 below 50
  • 2:1 Profit/Loss Ratio


Wed, 11/07/2018 - 4:36am

Interesting. I musttry this out.
Thanks for sharing.


I have to do this myself to see if it works for me. When I look for 20 pips on a trade, all I use is the 5 minute chart mostly.


OK! That's simple enough. I must try it. Thank you!!!


Looks like a good strategy, stick with it


Is there a specific trigger moment for the trade?


I like using the 20-30 pips 2:1 strategy on the 4H with the MACD and HMA. It was working well for me but I have not used this strategy lately just been doing more scalping on the EUR/USD in this volatile market. Using the 1M and 5M with the RSI.


It looks like a good strategy. Thanks for sharing.


This looks like a good strategy, thank you for sharing.

Sage Light RL


2018-11-08 11_21_16-2100683976_ JAFX-Demo3 - Demo Account - [EURUSD,M15].png 2018-11-08 11_31_10-2100683976_ JAFX-Demo3 - Demo Account - [EURUSD,M1].png

I think we should use candlesticks body shape to gain more pips from the move.

Ro -Trader

Looks good, will give it a shot