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2019 New Year's Resolution - Going for Gold!

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2019 New Year's Resolution - Going for Gold!

Submission #18001

 2019 is going to be great!
Gold Trading Plan:
Support & Resistance/Pattern Trader
HMA 10 and HMA 200, Sto (14,3,3) Keep indicators simple, too many are distracting.
Stop losing trades..can always re-enter later.
Do not trade if I am working or sneezy, grumpy, dopey, sleepy or bashful.
Trade my own system. Every trading system works, but only my system works for me.
Keep experiments on a simulator!
Always end the day positive.
Thu, 01/03/2019 - 10:40am

How is the trade plan working for you? Keep trading and attitude positive. You'll do well


Keep working at it and have above average attitude and you should be rocking.


"Stop losing trades..can always re-enter later" ...are you using a stop loss? ...are your losses still bigger than you want?

"Do not trade if I am working or sneezy, grumpy, dopey, sleepy or bashful" ...i approach it differently, i recognize that i'm going to have many days that simply aren't going to be the best...i prefer to master myself in the face of challenge vs letting the challenge master me...again, this is my take and i do get that it goes against popular wisdom.

- how many sick or personal days do get each year? ...aren't there days that you suck it up and head to work? ...have you ever had such a day become a productive day? ...why would trading be any different?

"only my system works for me" a student, soak it all never know what you might learn and from who you might learn idea can absolutely change how you trade.

"Always end the day positive" you mean "profitable/green"?

do you have a pip per day target? ...or maybe a dollars per day target (which ultimately can be a pips per day target)?

bigger question...

- what is the end goal of your plan?