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215 pips/day EURUSD with alignment/200-10 strategy - Anybody doing better?

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215 pips/day EURUSD with alignment/200-10 strategy - Anybody doing better?

215 pips/day EURUSD with alignment/200-10 strategy - Anybody doing better?




Thu, 01/24/2019 - 11:28pm

:-) See the attached files - pictures speak volumes - doing better? Show me :-)

215.30 Pips Today 1-24-19 charts.PNG 215.30 Pips Today 1-24-19 order history.PNG

Just to clarify, you wait for a cross of the 10 through the 200 MA on all 3 or do you lead with one and use the others as potential stop losses?


Good question. i set a 1 click stop loss/take profit then I wait for the 4h, 1h, 5m, and 1m to line up (all the same color) then enter when the 1 minute's 10 hma is the same color as the 200 hma.


Sounds like you have a terrific method. Are you getting 215 pips everyday despite changing conditions in the market?


Great idea! You've combined two strategies, the Alignment Strategy and, what I call, the Forex Fanatics Strategy into one layout. Looks like it's getting you into higher probability trades than just one of those strategies would do. Congratulations ldbarnhill! I just might have to try it out and see if I can beat you. Haha


@ldbarnhill, that's a great session and a very arrogant statement, considering the last 100 trades shows a profit of $4.88 cents not for nothing that's $.048 cents per trade and if you factor in your trade costs negative equity for the last 100.

I am not tearing your strategy and hope the recent changes you have made to your methodology will be lasting successful.


Interesting as I too have combined the alignment strategy with the HMA strategy but doing it to help trading on higher time frames.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 8.29.19 AM.png


Good to see you have a method that is working for you and i wish you nothing but success. That said, Might I suggest you refrain from calling other members of the Hive out. simply no reason for that and there's that old saying, be careful what you ask for

Stay Green my Friends :)



Maybe I missed something, but I took ldbarnhill's post as a fun, competitive challenge to inspire other traders to do better. The happy face was a hint, I thought. That's why I took him up on his challenge. It motivates me to try harder.

Then again, I'm new around here and you guys may have a history that I don't know about.

Happy trading everyone! :)


who knows Bluehound. Thing about trading is that it is hard and each individual learns differently and at their own pace. So while I am all for competition, others are not.

Also I noticed that this post is from last week...


and I wasn't trying to criticize as I said,

merely pointing out the longer term issue I saw.


Allengoldatty, I agree, and will have to keep that in mind if I ever get frisky and decide to throw down a challenge. Then again, I may implement an irrevocable "no challenges" policy. By the way, love the boat picture. Reminds me of cruising around Sanibel in our 24' bow rider. Funny thing is, it was advertised as being "unsinkable". Loaned it to a friend who managed to sink it. We had a lot of fun in that boat, until it became a submarine. By the way, I think this thread drew my attention because it got bumped yesterday by posts from the OP and courtney16601.

Rookie, I didn't mean to suggest you were trying to criticize. Just sharing a different perspective. That's all. I greatly appreciate all of your comments on this forum. I have learned a great deal from you. Of course, the challenge for me is to consistently put your wisdom and experience into practice. That's the hard part. As soon as I'm up a hundred pips or so, I find a way to lose it by making silly mistakes or bad trading. So much to learn and so little time.

I didn't mean to hijack this conversation, so back to the OP's post. Thanks to this thread, I have added two additional charts to my Forex Fanatics Strategy layout so I can quickly see other time frames before making a trade. It just kept me out of a trade that would have gone badly. Is there any way to link the three charts so when I change to a different pair the other two charts change too? This would save a lot of time throughout the day.


Here is a screenshot of the layout I referred to earlier.

Forex Fanatics Strategy layout.png

Bluehound .... a Boston Whaler 9they are supposedly unsinkable

Sanibel Island is great but I'm on the East Coast in Vero


Hi there, can you provide the link for more information to this strategy? I'm interested but would like more specifics.


Bluehound, thanks for the Kudos, it is the hard part for me as well.

My Dad wrote the book for doing as I say and not as I do, unfortunately, he passed it along to the tribe.

That said I have spent a good many months not really winning and not really loosing.
Scalping will not work for most because of odds/statistics. Obviously, Shawn has mastered many aspects of trading especially this wobble technique.

From my POV utilizing the wobble is all about position building and closing losers. But and here is the catch, the positions are placed where the price comes to you. IE you are not chasing price action and I think that is key to the most p[rofitale trading on any time frame. And the least risky.

My attachment is simply to make the illustrated point of PA coming to my trades. Which I am trying to get a better handle about. Today was sort of lucky do in part to the overall USD sentiment.

These trades are all 1% risk, .02 Lot. and 3-5 pip TP.

to that end.JPG
Nick Sammy

Always with good comments and hints
Thanks again Rookie


Unless I'm missing something, trade costs are factored in the profit of the trade when closed. There is only 4 cents on .01 lot when you open the trade and the spread you have to overcome to start profitable equity while in your trade. There is no closing trade commission cost unless it is different for funded traders. Might be different with another broker/platform provider but not here, that is unless I've missed something. Great job idbarnhill. Daily return of .21% on 250,000 is $525 a day.



no not missing anything the commission is 4/10 of a pip on your position size (.04 on .01; .40 on .1; 4.00 on 1.0 and 40.00 on 10 lots)

and obviously covering the spread which is inherrent in the trade


Thanks for clearing that up Allen, so you saying that the TC of .04 covers both in and out. That's so cool .02 each way. Don't know what I was thinking.


idbarnhill, I dare say you can do better than 215 pips per day, so keep going for the pips as the market gives, but remember the market can take just as easy. Meaning, its no problem to earn well over 250 pips per day, but that's more risk on the table. So try to stay within the risk management parameters, and you will avoid the 5% risk limit lock out.

I haven't had a 5% lock out in over 10 months, since I use several methods to stay within Apiary's Limits. Simply put; I simply review how much leverage I can use for the base fund amount and then I make the necessary adjustments to avoid that limit in my future trading.

Also, pips is not as relevant as the Dollar of profit increase percentage of the base fund. Use the daily risk statistic to gauge how well the strategy is working.

I've seen a day when the market had moved almost 400 pips in 26 hours. Most of the time price moves between 30 to 90 pips depending on the day.

Best regards.


Hi mwmattwilliams. Here is the info I think you asked about. It's been working for me.


Great comments Hive . . . really enjoying learning to trade "professionally" with such an amazing group.