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247.6 PIPs in 1 hour and 22 Minutes

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247.6 PIPs in 1 hour and 22 Minutes

Seeing is believing (Oct. 8, 2018):

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 1:53pm

Wow, that was some great trading. Which pair did you use. And what was your strategy. If you don't mind sharing.


Nate read Courtneys other posts her strategy is well laid out.

Nice job Courtney but why is your account level at less than 10K? Don't answer I know why.
Do you know where the woodshed is?
You already know the answer and if you don't run your max excursions.
You're doing just great don't mind Lil Ol me. I am an equal opportunity criticizer. :)
BTW did you know if you lose 20 in a row you get the same green apple!


Ok. Thanks Rookie.


Rookie's que. ". . . why is your account level at less than 10K?

Ans.: I have swing trades in place. I'm not folding, I'm holding. It's risky but that's why I'm hanging out in Gold 1, where I can test the waters to see what works and what does not.

I used a different strategy for today's pips.

1. No indicators
2. No TP
3. Lot size 0.01
4. M1 time frame

In one hour I raked in the earnings.

Charles Moeller

WOW! What a streak!

Nice, very nice.


"I have swing trades in place. I'm not folding, I'm holding. It's risky but that's why I'm hanging out in Gold 1, where I can test the waters to see what works and what does not."

best of luck on your journey


Thank you Charles, I hope all is going well with you and your trading.


Thank you Burton, the waters get choppy at times but I see it as an opportunity to improve our skills.

The best to you as well.


That’s excellent. I see you keeping it consistent and increasing your winnings


Fantastic Trading Courtney16601 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you PierreD, consistency and discipline is vital to becoming a successful trader. Your making it to Silver 3 is to be commended.

Keep progressing.


Thank you dunckeldistco.

The best to you in your trading accomplishments.


See most recent posting entitled, "How You Can Tell You're Almost Ready for Funding".


Im just now about to enter Gold I and have been following alot of your statistics and information. Really enjoy getting to read and learn from some of the things your are doing.


@dunham . . . congratulations on making it to Gold, that's a real accomplishment.

Charles Moeller

Thanks, Courtney.

It is a battle every day, although interesting.

I know that persistence wins, so I will keep on until success.

Green pips to you,


Thank you Charles. . . .we're in this together, striving side by side to be the best traders possible. The road is long but well worth the effort.

Charles Moeller

Thank you, Courtney!


Well done consistence going up


Hi Courtney 16601,
Awesome posting and result.


By reading your postings, I noted that you have mentioned how you achived this great goal, but since , I'm a rookie it was

hard for me to grasp . It would be wonderful if you elabrate on your trades.

Good luck with your futur trads.


@jfk583 . . . thank you. If you find Silver 2 to be a bit challenging don't hesitate to ask for help.
@S J . . . thank you. Be sure to check your messages.


Just fabulous Courtney!! You seem to master the gentle art of INTERPRETING charts splendidly.


Great post,,,That will keep me looking for those gains, With no indicators,,,

FX Money

Thats Awesome Courtney.


@banerji . . . you've correctly identified one of my trading strengths, interpreting the charts.
@frg107frg . . . a couple indicators are helpful. Apiary Pivots are builds confidence for market direction when the market is confusing. The Bollinger Bands are helpful for seeing contractions before a breakout.
@FX Money . . thank you. I see you're in the gold club, that's awesome.


Courtney, when I see a Bolinger Band squeeze forming it's all I can do to sit on hands wait for the breakout.


Nice Job.

Mike Smith

Aw bless your heart.

2018-11-07 08_42_10-.png

True Jedi skills!


@rookie. . . I can relate to that. Interpreting which direction it's going to go in can be misleading at times.
@AARON_H . . . thank you.
@Library .01. . . that's pretty impressive!
@Amnalehu . . .greetings.


@everyone . . .



If you are profitible in the simulator and following your system / stratergy then I fell you are ready for funding,


Very nice equity curve, Well done, how to you Enter the market and what time frame do you use?


Excellent job. Have you ever posted your trade plan?


great job well done, I would like to see your idea about my trading.


@mehdivincheh, good trading, and expectancy.


@mehdivincheh . . . thank you. Other than what looks like you hit 5% and got shut down, your expectancy, profit and win to loss looks really great. If you continue trading the way you are you're going to make real money in the Apiary Fund.


thank you for positive feed back.

thanks mate


Bolinger Bands...


Great May I ask was it swing trade or scalping.


Really like the volitility of the London session. I am going to trade it for a few weeks to see if it is worth getting up at 3AM. It looks like I can do more in a couple of London market hours than any of the other sessions. That is a strong incentive point by itself.


Great Work! Congrats! That London open's tough! Stick with it!


@innoavenue . . . I currently using only the Apiary Pivots along with support and resistance.
@kakpure.jai . . . It was scalping and market conditions just happened to be very, very good.
@Alacron . . . openings and closings seem to produce extra volatility.
@tully319 . . . Thank you.

green grappler

awesome job


Like Alacron I have adjusted my trading hours to take advantage of the volatility of the London session mostly due to the higher volume seen at this time. However one has to be cautious because sentiment can change quickly because of this volume. For this reason I wail at least an hour after the London open to place trades even if all indications point to a direction in the pair at the open. Naturally I can miss out on winners doing this when the trend continues but often sentiment changes and there is enough volume to cause a big reversal in trend which would have resulted in big losers. The tricky part comes on when to get into the trade-one can't wait too long since momentum usually slows down in the second half of the session. My hope is that the pair does not move too much in either direction in the first hour and therefore the setup conditions indicate that the trend direction has not changed.


Great work Courtney! How have you been playing the Brexit trades recently? You indicated no indicators, so you must watch your charts closely? I have been whipsawed a few times with and without stops. Maybe I should close out my positions at EOD. Your thoughts?


@green grappler, . . . thx.

@bobkraybill, . . . traders like to trade so they jump in rather than wait for an ideal opportunity. The best time to trade is near support or resistance.

@Sean_D, . . . Thx, no I have not been playing the Brexit trades. I can interpret charts at a glance. When to close a trade depend on what type of trading you're doing, long term (swing trading), short term (scalping) and market conditions.

Follow me at Courtney's Callout in the forum.



Very good trading... Think I am going to .01 lot size to spread this out.


Forex Sniper

That's great, I hoping to be able to get that good.


@wayne_2 . . . Thamk you. Good idea. .01 is still working well for me in Gold 3.

@Forex Sniper. . . thank you. Practice is the key.

Visit my call outs.


that's amazing! I've had 20 for 20 days but doesnt' happen all the time depends on market conditions of course !


how did that happen ?



It don't happen every day but when it does it makes up for when the market is stagnant.


Hi, cbncallout. I just got into Silver 2 yesterday.
So far I'm breezing right along. Good to know if I run
into any glitches I have a place to run to for help.
I am thorougly enjoying your sharing. Thanks.
Continue with your good trading! I look forward to
hearing more from you along your journey.


Maria, congrats on S2 keep up the great work!


Won Lost Total
Trades 50 0 50
Profit* $149 $0 $149
Pips 189.2 0 189.2
Average Position Size 0.1 lots
Average Trade Length 11m 58s
Average win* $2.98
Average loss* $0
Expectancy* $2.98
* Calculations reflect swap and commissions; rejected orders are excluded.


Lee, for that 50 trades the Expectancy is extraordinary! congrats.


When do you take a loss $ amount this is gold 2 and have let the losses go to long .
when you have multi orders and it is going up/down what loss price to take the loss?