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Anybody have a successful strategy?

I am a chart watcher and basically a scalper (using MACD as my guide on the M1, M5) which has worked well to this point.

Problem I have is being able to "set it and foreget it", even with stops and TP in place.

Best currency pair? Timing?


Wed, 04/11/2018 - 11:41am

pjd look for a good trending pair, put on 5 trades with no TP or SL. Let it run for 24 hours. If the next day you see that all trades are 25 pips or more close the trades manually. If not set a 26 or 27 TP and let it run till it hits the targets.

All the best.


@PJD, i would suggest you to look for a recording of Trade Development, in that the trader (i don't remember his name) uses 30 SMA off daily charts.

If you enter 3 trades of each pair meeting criteria of entry and enter into trade of multiple pair then you will easily get your 25-5-24 target after 24 hours.

Hope this helps


Big shout out to Doug for doing the Trading Room demo last Thursday. He shows his SMA system on the Day chart. I implemented is and I made 847 pip in two days. This system works for me! I am now a trader for life!


@ kyle_1

How can i find this trading room demo you are talking about ?




look on the calendar pull down under the community tab on your homepage for Thursdays at 9am CDT.

You can also find some on Youtube on the Apiary channel "Trader on the Street "