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I've been a short term price action scalper for as long as I've been trading, which has been years off and on. I learned mainly from youtube videos which are helpfull but I never spent the time to put all the random information I was gathering from those videos, into a high prabablity trading plan, that I would diligently follow. Instead I spent years trading randomly with no real progress or direction, until now with the Apiary beeline to funding. I've grown and learned alot as a trader since starting this journey. Some of the tasks I'm doing right now in Silver-1 are hard for me to do as a hort term scalper such as the 25-5-24 trade. Which is making 25 pips on five different trades that have to stay open for a minimum of 24 hours. That has been "Grueling" for me.  I've had to watch the profit on those trades come and go multiple times over the last 24 hours which has tested me to no end. But it has also opend my eyes to how much more, I could make if I just let the trade develop longer, before jumping in to cash out on the first sign of a pull back. I was up 500 pips on those trades a one point, and I had to sit on my hands and watch most of it go away to compleate the 24 hour trade task. But with that said, I never would have been up 500 pips in the first place if I wasn't being forced to let the trade develop to complete the task. I would have closed those trades out way sooner at the first sign of weekness. It has showed me, I must work on longer time frame trading, because there are definate higher profit benefits learning how to let trades run longer.



Thu, 02/28/2019 - 12:27am