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25-5-24 and then what?

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25-5-24 and then what?

So, as everyone's I was wondering how to tackle the 25-5-24 task. After reading a few threads discussing the same subject on the forum and having a chat to a friend already funded my apprehension subsided. This was achieved fairly quickly, however, I did not escape without injury to my proud...
The exercise made me think about the whole Beeline training programme thus far. Before I make my point, I need to divulge that I have been in adult education for over 20 years working in challenging industry sectors at all levels of organisation.
Although, I am genuinely impressed with the quantity and quality (sometime a bit old) of available resources I have wondered in several occasions about the tasks required to achieve the move onto the next phase of the training programme. It sometime reminds me more of an obstacle course than an assessment of my current competency (Skills & Knowledge) as a result of my learning.
The 25-5-24 task amongst other typify the obstacle argument. The forum is full of friends asking for help to tackle this requirement. This should alert our friends at Apiary. If people are struggling with this task it may have something to do with training in the subject or the lack of. It seems that it has become the LAST crucial imperative to complete Silver I and because of this pressure it seemed that it must be achieved by any mean....
So, most threads discuss placing a few opened trades (both Bullish and Bearish) with no TP, no SL or very large ones (which goes against what we learn) to forget about it, go to sleep and then wake up the next morning with the magical 5 trades over 25 pips.
And then what? what have we learned? and please to all the purists up there do not tell me that it teaches patience, or placing intermediate trades, etc.... because it does not. It teaches us to circumvent what I believe the task was design to assess: 5 (genuine) trades using a sound strategy. If you are at Silver I level and can't achieve trades >25 pips then you have made my argument.

What I have learned is: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and an accommodating market is what will make a good trader but I can't ignore the fact that they are more than one way to achieve a goal.

PS: I am NO purist and placed 12 trades lost about 300 pips to achieve the task.

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 8:05pm

Hi I too am having trouble with this task. And a few others aswell.


hope this helps

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Personally, I really enjoyed this task. It taugh me the beauty and ease of longer term trading. I have never been much of a scalper so I appreciated talks that were geared more to a longer term approach. As a funded trader all my trades are long term with a average hold time greater than 24 hrs. This task was the first in many lessons on how to trade long term.



gpdno, i appreciate all the timeframes snd enjoy scalping on s 1MN


sorry fat fingers... i enjoy all of the timeframes from 1MN scalping to >70 on D1. My point is about the educational outcome of this task. i have read some of your posts and i appreciate your comment.