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25-5-24 Beeline

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25-5-24 Beeline


Just need clairfication on Beeline requirement...

25-5-24: means 5 pips x 5 trades totaling 25 pips, not 25 pips x 5 trades totaling 125 pips?

Thanks in advance for your reply...

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 7:15pm

You need 5 trades at 25+ pips that have been open for at least 24 hours.


1 trade 24hrs 25+ pips 5 times. Try the 1 or 4 hour time frame and trade with the trend


Good on you John!


Thanks Everyone for the input!


I traded with the trend on NZD/USD 1 hour time frame. Placed 5 trades at the same time .01 lot size


Does the 25-5-24 requirement take care of 15-5-60 in Silver 1, or are these separate?