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25-5-24 question

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25-5-24 question

What did you learn from this achievement?

I find this one very challenging. It looks that I just need to be lucky. Currently I have 3 trades with more than 25pips in each and I have to sit and wait. Few days ago I watched a trade with a 100 pips turns into a looser. So what skills do I need for this one?

Thu, 01/28/2016 - 12:25pm

Try using the trailing stop feature. If this was used, the 100 pip advantage should have made at least a 50 pip bucketed profit to your account if the 2:1 Risk Reward Ratio was followed.

Great day! :-)



I think the purpose of the various achievements is to compel us to try different methods of trading. Certainly I could use a scalping techniques to accomplish the achievement and just let the trade run for 24 + hours and more than 25 pips. However, it would be simpler to use a swing trading strategy designed to garner over 25 pips will being open for a day or 2.

Beeline is designed to take us out of our comfort zone and help us become better all around traders.


It does take patience to accomplish the 25-5-24. I started this challenge last Sunday night, 1/24/16. My goal was to complete it no later than 1/29/16. I accomplished this goal on the morning of the 29th with a net gain of 90.1 pips overall, from 38 trades. This was quite a roller coaster ride but well worth it.

I have three Silver 1 assignments to complete. The 3 under 3, the 5 trades in a row with 10 pips profit and lastly 100 trades. I have completed 93 trades and feel when I complete the other two I'll also complete 100 trades. As a side note, my total profitable trades exceed the total loss trades. And my average profit exceeds my average loss.

Silver 1 has been my best learning experience so far and I can hardly wait for Silver 2!


Just a word of encouragement...stay focused and don't give up. This was by far my toughest challenge. Keep your lot sizes small and go all in (multiple trades on one or two pairs) when your setup occurs.


Well... I made 3 transactions over last 24 hours. What I did is that I applied my strategy to D1 timeframe. I usually trade H1 and H4. The level of risk (in pips) on D1 is way out of my comfort zone. Definitely this is the toughest challenge so far.

Edbernard I hope you will finish remaining assignments soon. I just need two more long-term transactions. Anyway I find all this to be a great learning experience.


I was able to complete this task by opening 5 trades Sunday night that happened to go my way right from the start and just continued in my favor all week. I was able to close one position a day satisfying the requirement in one week.