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25 pips in 1 trade

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25 pips in 1 trade

Hello every one

Im grateful for all of you who have comments in this forum. they are very helpfull

Would you please be willing to give me any tip to how do you achieved the 25 pips in 1 trade? does it count several orders in 1 forex like (EUR/USD) in a short period? or does it need to be 1 order in a long period? if it is only 1 order in a long period do you use a stop loss and/or take profit ?

Your comments will be very apreciate it.

Thank you

Rosalia A

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 4:41am

rosellia when I did this beeline task I found a pair that was active, you can use the ATR to get an idea. Then I put on two trades at the same time, one buy and one sell both with a 25 pip TP as soon as one hit the TP for 25 pips I closed the losing trade as well so the loss to my account was only the spread...Also as I see you are fairly new I offer some advice that I sure could have used NEVER use anything bigger than a micro-lot 0.01 per trade . Even once you get funded keep using the 0.01 until you get at least 1 bump in funding as you cannot make a lot of money in a $2500 account so just work on consistency until you are so comfortable trading that your equity curve shows it. If you don't have a smooth eq curve with micro lots it will be even worse with larger pos sizes


Thank you @nyuli
so you did put a Stop Loss? and what if the loss is bigger than the 25 pips profit? if it is the case, the 25 pips profit still count as the beeline task?

and thank you so much for your advice of the micro-lot 0.01m very helpfull