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25 x5 x1

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25 x5 x1

I hope I have now completed Silver 1. but meeting the requirement for 5 trades of 25 pips in at least 1 day needs some reconsideration. I entered so many trades that went into profit of more than the 25 pips requirement but before the 24 hour period was up the reversed to end up in losses. I left the trades running hoping they would go back to profit, the result bigger losses. If one exits the trade when it is in profit and before the 24 hour period is achieved, the requirement is not met and one must start all over again. I am not sure what i am to learn from this requirement because it seems an effort in futility since one cannot manage the trade over the period of 24 hours and it is totally left up to chance. I cannot say I learnt anything from this requirement. How do others feel about this? Maybe someone can help me understand.

Fri, 08/17/2018 - 6:45am