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3 rd 4qtr conversion task in Silver 2

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3 rd 4qtr conversion task in Silver 2

I am having trouble completing the task in Silver 2 called  3r down conversion and 4 down conversion 

Any suggestion or tips on how to manage and succeed in those two 

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 9:51am

Focus on the details of the requirements and just meeting them. You don't need big wins. Just a couple pips (depending on spread). If you knock out 3rd down first, 4th down will complete automatically. Just catch a big move on the M1 and jump on it. Rinse and repeat. I've seen others talk about placing 10 orders at once and knocking it out all in one shot. That didn't work for me. I just watched and waited for those big strong moves and jumped in.

News can generate big moves. Often there will be some pretty good volatility near the close of a candle. 00:00 GMT brings some good volatility on EUR/USD and USD/JPY. Hope this helps!


Hello Timothy ! Look for a setup a good entry point and enter 10 micro lot positions on a high probability of winning and let the market take care of the rest of it. What is the worst that could happen ? You loose three or four hundred pips, on a 10000 dollar demo account that is 40 dollars, you still have another 160 dollars to lose before the Queen Bee shuts your honey off. Go Forth Boldly control your risk so you can stay in the game and learn. The good news is we all have to learn how to trade our way out of losers and instead of being paralyzed by loss lets get busy and pro active managing and trading our way out of them. My strategy through the beeline is anything and everything is on the table to reach the goal to being funded. I am in it to win it ! BEE CONFIDENT AND BEE HAPPY ! NO BEE S !