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3 Under 3 Lesson?

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3 Under 3 Lesson?

Good Morning,

      It says to post one thing but here goes a second because of the requirements to date, this one I can't figure out the purpose unless it is intuition training.  It is my understanding that one might potentially set up a position in hopes of a break out such as the London Open but, you don't know when that open is going to happen or how fast.  Or maybe, you see consolidation of the bands and know that a "break out" is going to happen and might even have a strong indication on direction but,.....

      How do you know exactly when the break out is going to happen and how strong it is going to be?  How do you know that you will get a full three pips of movement in under three minutes?  I understand that this is a very doable goal but, if there is some training that I am supposed to be reading that is going to give me insight at this level then I would appreciate if someone could provide me the links for it whether it is APIARY or non-APIARY.  We are talking about seeing the future and if someone can direct me to this training, it would be invaluable to my trading success.  I wouldn't have to bother with indicators, guesswork, hope or any of those things; I would know when, where, how strong, or essentially, all the moves.

       I wait very anxiously for someone's help in directing me to the only logical purpose for this exercise.

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 5:42am