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A 30-Minute Trading Strategy

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A 30-Minute Trading Strategy

I have been using the following strategy on my last 400 trades or so and it has proven reasonably reliable. I would appreciate views and comments from others,

Essentially, the strategy uses only one indicator, the Alligator. The standard settings work well, though I have tweaked them from time to time. When price action on the 30-minute timeframe crosses above or below the Alligator, one needs to check that the overall trend is aligned with the trend on the 4-hour timeframe. If so, targets and stoploss can be identified at areas of support/resistance. Ideally, the stoploss will be at around 20 pips from entry with the ultimate target at around 40. Lotsize should be calculated to allow for 1.5% risk to account balance. If trailing stops are placed, the risk is considerably reduced, since the above settings, even if the ultimate target is not reached, regularly move at least 10 pips into favourable territory before reversing slightly. If multiple trades are placed, e.g. 5 trades each carrying 0.3% risk, this allows one to close out early, if so desired. This ensures that at least some profit is banked when progress is made, or risk can be minimised if, contrary to expectation, the trade heads off strongly in the wrong direction. Using this strategy, I have rarely had an unprofitable day and often I can make 0.5% to 1%.

Fri, 07/12/2019 - 1:56pm

Looks good. I would lean toward using multiple smaller trades and pull off some winners as you described. Which pairs have you been using it on?


I'm interested n helping give you some feedback. Where can I get info (any Apiary video? YouTube?) on the Alligator indicator?


this thread might help a bit,
or try this youtube from Apiary

or tips from the fund


Interested in testing out the Alligator indicator. I have placed an Alligator on a 30 min chart and will watch the links which Rookie has posted.


my first trade when i turned silver made 205 pips in 5 hours. swing trading 4hr, 30 minute, 5 minute charts. the system i am working on is wrong alot but i am still testing and refining.