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4 hour bolinger band setups

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4 hour bolinger band setups

Hello all , I wanted to put this one to a forum as I am in Silver 3 and getting close to gold ,and I really find this useful  . I worked with Brian at Apiary for 6 weeks , he helped me setup a chart and teach alot of things about price movements and using indicators in a set way with rules that help you catch some good pips if you are patient. I struggled with it at first , especially getting used to 50 to 1 trading with a stop loss vs 500-1 trading with no stop loss .  I still from time to time miss good movements or get in a bit late or early , but when I have caught good movements they really have paid off .  Try using a 4 hr window , 150 bars , bollinger set to 16 , and when you see a candle open on a bollinger , check the overall trend , which I use a 200 period ema , and trade in direction of trend , or counter to it if goes well beyond bollinger band and will snap back a bit .... like I said it takes practice and it works well if you can trade at the begginning of a candle , something hard to do for me since I work 10 plus hours a day , Hence I use UsdJpy as it moves well when I am able to trade . Hope this helps someone out or gives them something to start with on 4 hour charting if that is new to them , I really am glad I learned it , and use it in someway every week . 

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 5:51pm

Thanks for sharing your strategy. What do you mean by "when you see a candle open on a Bollinger"? Do you mean when the candle opens at the same level as the high or low band on the Bollinger?


Hello to all,

To my classmate who write about 4 hours B Bands. I read your comments with interest and plan to impelement this strategy.
What is you win versus loss rate?

please clarify.