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4 stack strategy

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4 stack strategy

I like to use EMA8,34,89,200 strategy and I call it 4-STACK. When they are in this order, it's a buying trend. As soon as all these four indicators reverse(cross each other over)... from top to bottom:200,89,34,8 it becomes a sell trend... everything in between - is not a confirmation of a buy/sell...

Sun, 05/28/2017 - 10:59pm

nice, simple.

what is your best time frame?

for best results? 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h, 1d ?

looks good, i'm curious?

thanks for share



Now that's what I call "thinking out of the BOX" . . . Wow! great idea!

Much appreciated.


Hi lgadayeva_1:

You have a great strategy.

I tested it on the Daily Time Frame (EUR/AUD) using 0.01 and 0.02 lot sizes and they worked profitably.

Thank you!


Orock70, It can be any time frame, depending on whether you are a short term or long term trader. But of course its better to have charts aligned for a better confirmation. Remember to Trade only .01 lot size


That's a nice simple way to approach things, and seems like it should have reasonably good results.

I assume that the entry would be the close of the candle in which the last pair cross. What is your SL and TP target?


@Igadayeva - finding new strategies that are profitable is like unearthing hidden treasure. Looking forward to putting those movers on a chart when I get home from work. Thank you.


I too have been having positive results now for the last two weeks without the 200. It's a variation of the No Name Strategy. I am getting ready to Name my own once I have more results, at the moment I am likely to call it " A Fistful of Yen" strategy. What I like about using these EMA's is that you can set a tight Stop Loss, usually behind the 89 EMA, as it might be a sharp angle, in which case I will set it behind the 34, till the 89 catches up. Today I had my best day in pip numbers using this, 152, done that twice, over the 100 pip mark. It works if you are patient and prepared to stay at the screen, today I was there for 2 and half hours, but not always glued to the screen as it was a slow moving market earlier today.

Try it over 100 trades at least, if not a 100 days.

Happy Trading


I've been trading 4-stack for 2 days now. I have 34 trades, 11 winners and 12 losers, but the winners like to run for 10-20 pips. Overall I am +41 pips overall. I am still playing with the SL and TP so future results might be different. So far, I like this set up.


Good! I'm glad everyone likes the strategy!!! So, let's get funded!!!!


Excellent Strategy!


Very nice...thanks for sharing!


Hello everyone... looking through my old posts... looks like almost everyone is a funded trader now! How the things are working out for you? Did you change the strategy or are you using any different set-ups? Please share.Thanks


Looks like something to try out


I will try it out as well. Will to it on higher time frame 4HR with confirmation on 1D. Will see how it goes.
Thank you


Definitely going to test this strategy. Anyone still using it over time?