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4H Fav

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4H Fav

Hello all,

Just wanted to share the following:

I was looking for a way to get the feel of an automated trade (not having to constantly check on positions) without having to take on a super amount of risk. After much trial error, I’ve settled on the 4H charts. This gives me only six possible trigger times each day. If at work, I can initiate a position in the morning (and check over lunch). Or initiate in the afternoon and check in after work. I don’t fiddle with the positions. Set my stops at the last pivot and re-set at new pivots (or use SAR). The system I’ve settled on is super simple as well: Combination of trend line breaks (trend line must have at least one real pivot in its path) and good volume. Entry point is 1 pip above high(low) of the bar that breaks the trend. The 4H chart also gives good pip potential. I recommend it!

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 3:52pm

I've used the 4hr chart also. One of my fav's.
Right now I am learning to use the D1 chart and for the most part leaving my trades alone all day. Sometimes I sneak
a peak midday and I'm pretty pleased with what I see. Setting my targets to 25 pips usually gets me some good runs.
averaging 100 to 400 pips per day. Good tradin Andigen!