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4H Yen Breakout strategy

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4H Yen Breakout strategy

This is a slightly easier take on the breakout strategy. i use it on the yen because that’s when I’m most likely trading but I’ll get to that momentarily.

To start you will want a 4 hour chart, I like to through bollinger bands and a 5 SMA on but honestly that’s just because that’s what I’m usually reading with anyway. At the Japan or British open, which will be the start of a new 4 hour bar you simply use the previous bar to find your high and low breakout entries. So if between 3pm and 7pm EUR/JPY was trading between 127.45 and 127.65 you’ll look for a break below that to go short, above to go long.

When looking at this it’s best to look for a bar between 15 and 45 pips (about a quarter and a half of the ATR for EUR/JPY) and although this works on all yen pairs I prefer it on the more volatile ones like eur and gbp. I like to use bands for an exit possibility but around a third to half the ATR works as well.


I haven’t backtested it but I imagine this would be a solid strategy for eur/usd on the US open as well as the British open which I do use it for occasionally.


Happy trading

Thu, 01/24/2019 - 10:55pm

What are the percentage that it will be a breakout and not a fakeout?