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50 SMA crossover

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50 SMA crossover

Sharing a strategy that has been pretty effective for me. Using 50 SMA and 8 EMA.  Best for me on an H1 timeframe but works with any. When 8 crosses the 50 look for buy/sell opportunities. Above 50=buy, below 50=sell. Best to catch it soon after it crosses but wait for price to touch 8 ema and close above/below respectively. then enter on the next candle. use previous support/resistance for target profit and set for at least 1:1 risk ratio. That's pretty much it. Best of luck on your trading!

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 3:50pm

ill have to try this one , I've been using the 5sma crossing the 30 to scalp … best of luck to you and keep up the good work


I have a strategy very similar to that. I use the 55 and 13 MA's (Fib derived)and wait for a close above the 13MA for entry, works on a lot of time frames. Once it crosses above the 55 I try to hold until it closes below the 55 again but after 2 candles. Well, if the first candle closes below the 55MA I will wait to see if second candle breaks the first candles low by say 5 pips , I will exit if one odf two things happen. A close below the first candle OR a close below the 55MA on the second candle. More times than not it seems to bounce right back and close back above the 55 MS and continue. Patience is key. And of course it works better in a trending chart and not sideways action. Good Luck


I use a similar strategy but instead of the 8 MA, I use the 20 ALMA; it gives me good results


50 EMA is the gold standard for me.
When prices crosses that (or remains close to that for some time after crossing) combined with a dose of appropriate volume, one can achieve excellent results. And on any timeframe! Best of luck!