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6 KEY TIME ZONES CHART for Daylight Savings Time by JBee


6 KEY TIME ZONES CHART for Daylight Savings Time by JBee

Hey there Traders, 

I have made the 1 hours Daylight Savings Time adjustment for the '6 KEY TIME ZONES chart' for us. 

I print it out and have it near by to check (GMT, New York and My time zone Los Angeles) At-A-Glance. 

If you Printed the other one IT was for the other time change by one hour. 

This '6 KEY TIME ZONES' chart is so helpful when we need to know the times at a glance. 

All the best, 



6 KEY TIME ZONES DST by JBee 11-6-15.xlsx24.07 KB
Fri, 11/06/2015 - 10:31am
Janice G

Thank you, JBee!

Although I have clocks in different time zones on my computer desk top, this is more practical for me.




Thanks good to hear
It helps me when I need to compare and make notes.
I print it and keep it handy.


Hi JBee,

Thanks for the spreadsheet. You have sectioned the data using colours without any legend. I would appreciate if you would explain what the colours mean.



JBee, you forgot one: Berlin (GMT+1). Most of Western Europe and some of Eastern Europe is in the same timezone as Berlin. Keep in mind that the ECB and SNB operate in this timezone.