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6/12/16 Alveo issues?

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6/12/16 Alveo issues?

I've had no orders go thru this evening, all go from pending to processing and I get an alert error "Off-Quote: request to liquidity provider timed out"  Anyone else?

Sun, 06/12/2016 - 7:46pm

It teased me and took 3 of my orders. They all hit take profit but I couldn't close them. I put a trailing stop loss instead so we'll see if that works out.


Trades are both trapped. Best to close my eyes!


Evening Jan, just tried a market order, it processed then disappeared. Might be done for the evening.

Good luck, Samuel


I am having the same issue, I closed Alveo and reopened and I was able to close my limit order but my open order on the USD/JPY is reporting the following error "off-quote; request to liquidity Provider timed out" when I attempt to close the order. I have happy that I set a trailing stop and take profit so we will see what the outcome is in the morning.


I consider myself to be a patient fellow but these constant bugs are really starting to bother me....How can I recommend Apiary to friends and family if I know the Platform is unreliable.....I've had other trading platforms in the past that I do not have to pay $96.00 a month for and are very stable!

Just saying.....


I had a similar problem but it's ok now


Update: my trailing stop order was not honored now I have a loosing trade.


Mike Senecal

Yes...experiencing same issues/messages here. I was able to trade earlier (~8PM ET) and fortunately closed out all of my active trades before the issue emerged. Missed some real nice trades...but just demo account anyway.

Hoping they correct soon. I wonder what the recourse is if you're trading real money.

Hopefully Apiary tech support has some insight they can share...?

All the Best,


I've had a pending order rejected...
It seems to be happening on Sundays when the market opens.


So our losing trades are here to stay? Will they try to fix this or gove some type of compensation to the account?


I submitted a ticket on the help page, hopefully they have someone on call on the weekend to check.

Mike Senecal

I often trade on Sundays and have never had this specific error....also the market was open for a few hours before the issue emerged so I don't believe there's a connection with the open. Seems to be a mismatch between the LP and the platform quote.


Yep, I was about to close on 30 pips or more easily, and freeze frame!!! LOL

I restarted Alveo 3 times to no avail. Could not close or delete trades.

Now, I hope that doesn't happen to real money accounts!


Folks.... I'm guessing it is to early to start trading..... my account is funded and it is not making any sense at all!...... there was a huge spike in the EUR/USD.......... that might have something to do with it.....Trades that went trough do not appear in trading history and new trades will not go through......... if the platform starts working anytime soon please post!

Let's trade!


Krap!..........Really missing some good trades!

Let's NOT Trade.......... :-(


My pending orders did not work, as well.


Seriously... and why did they dump MetaTrader - the most widely used, stable, and open forex trading platform?


Issues with the order server for me too. Fortunately none of my trades got placed. They just disappeared. I find it surprising that I have not received any Email alerts on Alveo like before when there have been issues. I'll just wait this out.


And so it happens again!


I'm experiencing the same issue.

That EUR/USD spike kicked me in the butt. Blew right through my SL. Then the price dropped like a rock. Grrrr!


I got 300 pips before 7pm then alveo tweaked out, got so many orders I cant close, cant add either, lots of stops have been blown through, its broke! and flooding me with errors.


hopefully its fixed by tomorrow so I can at least have a chance at that 5 days of profit in a row silver 1 thing.
luckily I have a boatload of UJ shorts that keep falling that I can't close. I seriously dislike those 5 days in a row challenges especially with Alveo, one trip out and your week is done.


Colton explained what is being going on with Alveo in May. If you haven't read this here is the link. It may explain why we are having these issues today:

Here is one paragraph from his report:

"We want to start off by saying thank you for being so patient while we get this kink worked out in our system. I want to get into detail on why quote feeds have been so inconsistent lately, but I think I will save the details for my webinar on June 1. What you need to know right now is that this system is being completely re-built from the ground up as we speak. We have had too many problems lately to just leave it how it is. Several different problems are linked to this particular piece, and now is the time to rectify that. Look forward to more info on what we’re doing to improve this, and the overall Alveo experience in my upcoming webinar and future updates."


I can't close my trades in profit or initiate new trades. I get an error message similar to the following:
Order #21 Recieved An Error:
Off-Quote; Request to Liquidity Provider timed out.
6/13/2016 1:40:01 am

Is there a work-around that will allow me to close my 3 trades in profit before they rollover.


and the status page says everything is operational.
better than that post edbernard is the webinar (replay is somewhereZ) Colton did on June 1st explaining it all. I assumed everyone who cared was there live or watched the replay, it contained to me critical need to know data about the dev.


Hey AK!

Me and you both!

I had my trades sitting in my account Friday and just didn't have a chance to close them. According to my Statistics page "Something" went through both good and bad but overall good....but the trades make no sense at all! Some kind of crazy whip saw action I guess.....I think I need to do a little better about getting my open trades closed on Friday before 4:00 Chicago time. This is the second time I've gotten cought with the dirty laundry! Alveo is just too unstable at week end market open!

Let's Trade!


yeah it is not closing orders at SL's ot TPTS, no sense modifying your stop or target levels because for now everything seems to bne lagged to hell and off quotes. I got 6 UJ shorts, its still tanking, I would never have let them get this far in the money haha

olhickory2000 just get lucky!

Let's Trade!



I attended the webinar you mentioned and I know that Apiary are (apparently) trying to sort the problem out.

Unfortunately (and as you mention above), the status page was supposed to be this wonderful new thing which would display problems and where they were in the system. I've never been to the status page - even when there were problems - and seen it other than all green...


I have seen several questions about work arounds to close open trades when Alveo is malfunctioning. I use the Apiary Ap on my iPhone to close orders when there is a problem with Alveo. I think this Ap is also available for Android.


I've just taken this snapshot of the status page, because I was interested to see if any trading activity was getting through, but the graphs are as much use as the rest of the status report.

1688 positions, yet the graph is showing nearly 2000!

118 sessions, yet the graph indicates nearly 400!

The whole page is no better than fiction


I am also having issues with Alveo tonight. My trade orders are all timing out. I am unable to enter new positions.


One thing to note, when there are problems SL and TP do not work, they will not close out the orders. Best to close your eyes and not look at it. I would venture it won't be looked at until after 8 or 9 CST tomorrow when they get into the office...


Still not working here, I'm done for the evening. Maybe an illusion but it seemed like I saw a lot of opportunity... missed.

Best to all.



I tend to agree with amclaughlin01.... Apiary just doesn't appear to have the resources to have IT people minding the store 24/7...........I have a headache anyway!.......a shower aspirin and bed time for me!

Let's Not Trade!

bddoshi says everything is operational - they need to change their monitors for sure.


Same Issue "Off-Quote; Request to Liquidity Provider timed out."


I can not place trades. We are MISSING GOOD OPPORTUNITIES! Demo or real, FRUSTRATION is real. For those self righteous people will say "learn patience"......... I am MISSING my opportunity to get funded because of APIARY problems. And it is NOT FREE! We are paying $95 a month! So, if they do not fund 100 people, Apiary still brings in $9500 per month and 1000 people $95000 a month.......see a pattern? How many clients does Apiary have? Funded? Not funded?




Good Night everyone........this old redneck is off to la la land!..........

God Bless!


I just looked at the status page too. Everything's green.

So, it looks like there's no tech support even when markets are open.

Two, apparently there's no automated system to report any issues.

Three, this problem has been around for several hours. Yet, the status page doesn't show any updates.

Someone mentioned Colton. Yes, I've read that too. However, it appears that Apiary has some serious tech challenges. Apart from the current production issues, there doesn't appear to be any secondary plan.

Anyone here with a funded account? If so, how do such issues impact you? How does Apiary handle it?


Going short GBP/JPY, three market orders would not open...processing... then disappeared w/o TP. Same issue has gone on/ off since today's Tokyo market opened.


Same problem as bchao808.


same here.... Too bad... Is a recurring theme every weekend... How many times are we going to have to experience this problem before we have a support dude on guard during weekends?


Looks like it's finally up now (12:20 AM, EDT). I was now able to open some trades.


Once again and again and again. WTF


I bought in Market on E/G 0.5 lots with a stop loss at 60 pips and Alveo closed the trade at -23 PIPs with a -$200 loss. How the heck do you lose $200 on a 23 pip loss at 0.5 lots? This happened at the open of the market just before all of the other issues started.


I find it amusing that I completed my transition from Gold I to Gold II during the evening of 6/12/2016 when we were having issues with Alveo. I had only one more goal to accomplish: Average 50 wins > average 50 losses. I just waited till someone on the forums said Alveo was working and went to work to accomplish this task which I completed in the early hours of 6/13/2016. Glad I managed to achieve my goal to advance to Gold II in June. Now I can go to sleep in peace!

Onwards and upwards!



The pip value for EG is 14.15 per standard lot


Well could be because they do not have 24X5 support?


Is this going to be addressed by Apiary? Haven't heard a word about it.

Chuck B

I just now tried "logging out and back in": Charts are loading OK now :-)

- Chuck B


Thank you Chuck B, everything working as it should be again :-)


Lots of issuses with Alveo. Support informed me yesterday that the reason my orders are being rejected is because when I sign out of Alveo the servers seem to have trouble recognizing a pending order. Vilas went on to write " I run my Alveo 24 hours to minimize this glitch." Well my computer doesn't like me to leave ANY windows open, when I turn off the computer. So the pending order issue recognized in June 2016 still exists anytime - any place, and not only at the opening of the market on sunday, thank you very much!