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911 - Trailing Stop


911 - Trailing Stop

Hi I am new. Copper 3. I need to use a trade with a trailing stop to finish this step. Are there instructions someplace? Thank You!

Mike Capuano

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 8:18pm

You can read about trailing stop in the glossery, which you will find at library


Hi mcap,
I was helped by tech support on this one. Once you have a trade that is filled and open--select that order is on your "orders list" and choose the "modify" button. When the "modify" dialogue box pops up select "trailing stop". Now you have a trailing stop set and the setting will be the same as what you had your "stop loss" set at on your code variable. You can also find how to set a trailing stop on the help button that is on the lower right corner of your screen when you have your Apiary Bee Line page up. Hope this helps. Have fun!!


Thanks snakeydirtycreek! This was helpful!


I have a question on this trailing stop, just wondering my sl is normally 20 -30 pips, I like to trail at 10 - 15 pips. So if I place a trade then go to modify the trade and turn off the trailing stop, go back to code variables and change my stop loss to 10 - 15 will this then give me a ts of 10 - 15?
I know I can go in and move sl manually to get my ts where I want it, just curious if this would work.

Leo in Huronia

I've been using a trailing stop on my last few trades, and Beeline keeps saying 'use a trailing stop' - is there something I'm missing? When does it count?

Leo in Huronia

Never mind, I just found the answer. It must be a profitable trade that has the Trailing Stop enabled and was closed by the Stop Loss.


Isn't there a short module that shows you how to place a trailing stop. i followed the other directions given but apparently nothing happened.


Anyone knows how to set the trailing stop using a pre-set pip amount?
In other words, can I set the trailing stop using 10 pips trailing instead of 1 pip?

Schranz Trading

What I use for this issue is the menu CODE/Variables and add enable_trailingstop with value 15 which means 15 Pips trailing stop.

Maybe the picture can help.



Thanks, Christian!
Will give it a try.


Thank you Christian, very helpful !


The way that I understand that screen that Christian posted...a "1" or any value other than zero (it mentions that a value of 1 in that field would enable it), would automatically enable trailing stops as the default setting for all orders. Is my understanding correct?

The one setting that is missing is the trigger for it to start trailing many pips profit needs to be attained before it trails it.