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9/25/18 1:00. EST. EURUSD @ 1.1740 headed up to about 1.18

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The Plunger

9/25/18 1:00. EST. EURUSD @ 1.1740 headed up to about 1.18

Fundamentally what is causing the eur not to go up is the brexit uncertainties. The sentiment is for the eur to go up. If I look at many time frames the trend is up. However the drop on on Monday from 1.1820 to 1.1740 after all happened due to bulls thinking the up move could be over. So what do I see?  Now im just looking for the immediate impulse, what will be the next 20 - 50 pip direction, after that will be a different ball game, a ball game I don't have to go to, since I am right now in a different ball game. I say eur will try for 1.18 again. Will try and push up. Macroly speaking I think most hedgefunds are already positioned short, and don't care if euro first goes to 1.20, before making a massive nose dive. Since they are pretty certain, eventually eur will see 1.15 sometime next month, so as it goes up, they can short into that liquidity. But I don't play longterm, I play for now, and for now I see eurusd going up from  1.1740


Tue, 09/25/2018 - 12:55am
The Plunger

Well eur almost hit 1.18.

The Plunger

So nobody took this long, this was a 50p move.


Good call Plung, have any more?



"Good call Plung, have any more?"

As this is a forum where we all help each other, please allow me to add my thoughts to this.

I find this very misleading for new traders. You start to listen and rely on others for 'calls'.

The whole point about starting to learn FX is to learn your strategy and the rules, and your own ability
to execute on it.

When the patterns show up on the chart and your rules say it's time to open a trade ... That's your call.

There is a reason why trading get's better when you switch off Bloomberg and all the analysts predictions.

They can negatively influence you, i.e. you have a trade open and someone tells you it's going the other
direction, you panic and close your trade.

You have to build trust & confidence in your own system. You can't do this when you look for others making 'calls' for you.

It's hard enough to get to this stage as it is.

Of course people can do whatever they want and feel the need for, I just wanted to provide my feedback on this.