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About my monthly technology fee

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About my monthly technology fee

I really need your help on my monthly fee subscription am really working hard to pay half the money for my tuition fee on a 50% scholarship, my accommodation were i live and buy food stuff to eat and pay little bills for internet and water and again study for the apiary fund to get fund as quick as possible and study for my school too, there is so much on me now i believe we are a community as we say we are, so please i ask for your help on this as a member of this community and God will bless you endlessly as you do so thank you so much.

Fri, 08/19/2016 - 4:43am

Looks like you only joined a month ago, so you should have known that the technology fee was going to be an ongoing commitment.

But it also sounds like you have a lot going on with school. Maybe you should come back when you have more time to dedicate to trading. I work 50+ hours a week at my day job and then come home and trade 4 hours a night, 4 nights a week. It takes dedication, there are no shortcuts.

I have made considerable sacrifices to be here now. I am paying 100% of a Masters degree that I completed in one year. I initially joined Apiary in 2015 while in school and quickly realized that the time commitment was more than I could handle, so I canceled my account and then rejoined three months ago.

I would encourage you to think if Forex is something you can commit to right now as you are undertaking your college studies. Please do not beg the community for money, this is not appropriate. Character is revealed through adversity, so think hard about what is most important to you in life right now and focus on that.

I sincerely wish you good luck.