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Absolute newbie question.

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Absolute newbie question.


I would like to know if selling is obligatory to close. I have some trades going that are high in pips so it seems a good time to close.
As part of my training in copper two I must win two trades so I have to complete but not sure how.
Can someone help ?

Thank you !

— Simon

Sun, 08/14/2016 - 12:49pm

Hi Simon,
In the Orders window, there is a red X next to all the open orders.
When you press the red X, alveo will close that order at market price.
Hope this helps,


Another method is to right click on the order in the "orders" list window. You can then modify your order or close your order by clicking on the proper highlighted option. In order to let your successful trade CONTINUE to accumulate pips you can adjust your stop to ABOVE the order line. To do this go to the chart window, place your curser on the stop line and left click and hold as you move your curser UP to where you want the new stop. By doing this you will accomplish the "WIN THE TRADE" requirement AND leave your trade open to "run to additional pips"


whenever I have some newbie question I go on discussion and watch related videos. It always pan-out