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Added Levels of Protection

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Added Levels of Protection

In addition to Redundancy (see Redundancy posting). I also run Alveo from wiithin a virtual machine on my computer as do I run all other programs within a virtual machine.  This is like running a computer from within a computer.  This gives me an addtional layer of protection from viruses, etc.  Outside the virtual machine I also run a firewall with virus protection.  I also run my computer within a virtual private network.  As you can see all programs running within my virtual machine have 3 layers of protection from viruses, etc.  One of the sideline benefits of running computer programs from within a virtual machine is that you can easily back it up as a single file.  This is like backing up your complete computer as a single file.  The nice thing about this is you can copy the file to another computer and run it from a virtual machine on another computer.  This is the same as migrating one computer to another computer when you upgrade, a not so easy feat.

Sun, 02/12/2017 - 5:35pm