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Adjusting win/loss amounts as you go along.

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Adjusting win/loss amounts as you go along.

In troublesome trades, do not move stop to just protect your balance.  Set it to create a little loss. If the trade fails, that way, the average loss size will decrease.  If you set it to just protect capital, your average gain size will decrease. 

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 1:07am

A few minutes ago, I read a post that said this: "The purpose of beeline is to master your craft, not to think up ways to beat the tasks that will not turn a profit for you in real life."

Still, as you imply, we do have to deal with the incentives that the Beeline creates, and average loss size is one of those incentives.

If you take a small loss instead of a small win, your average loss size goes down, but your win-loss percentage changes as well. So I guess it depends on which you need more -- a better win-loss percentage or a smaller average loss.


It is just amazing how cleverly the Beeline method was designed to really help us master the craft of trading. And after having wiped three small real accounts through huge drawdowns, I much rather opt for small, even regular losses! At first my stops were just too tight, but with a little more elbow space, I now feel a lot safer.
I had one unpleasant surprise with the win>loss calculation: I had one huge profit early on in Silver3, which leveled out many losses...for 20 trades. But now that I've moved on, I've also moved away from that BIG +, changing the average only counted for the first 20 trades. Have to aim for another few big ones.
Stay focused, fellow Bees!


it just comes down to how much percentage wise you are willing to lose on each trade. I say set it to 1% of account size and forget it. limit your losses and let your winners run is the secret to making real $$ at trading :) its easy!