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Adobe Connect Add-in issue

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Adobe Connect Add-in issue

Hi, I am new and try to connect to the live event but I couldn't get into the live meeting even I installed Adobe Connect Add-in. Anyone can help? Really appreciate your help and Thanks in advance. 



Mon, 01/02/2017 - 8:46pm
Pirate Tom

Hi Calvin

I'm wondering if you got any feedback on this? I am new also and having related issues with Adobe Connect and Flash. I couldn't get any videos to run with Flash whatsoever. Currently it seems the communication between Adobe Connect software and my Beeline progress, via any browser or Alveo is non-existent! I'm stymied and I really want to keep going today in Beeline!


Charles Moeller

I was also having trouble signing on to classes.

I found that repeating the class selection (from the training menu), sometimes multiple times, worked.


You should contact support
They will help you get the job done!

How can we help?
We're available business hours Mountain Time.


Open a Ticket

Pirate Tom

Yeah call Trade Support!

I worked out my flash issues on my own, but had to call them for just one video in connect. They got me straightened out!

Special thanks to Austin, there who got me past that final hurdle with Connect!



I have found that I have problems if I try to gain access using Alveo. Now I only use my web browser to access the classes. Also, I've been told that some web browsers work better than others. So if your using IE or Firefox, you might try Chrome instead.



Hi Calvin,

I was having problems getting Adobe Connect. I Googled "Adobe Connect" and it brought me to the website. I loaded the program and everything has been working well. I use Chrome and like it much more than IE. Hope this helps.



i just need a link to the software and i can do the rest