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ADX the must .... for me !


ADX the must .... for me !


ADX :Bleu line volatilité, red, market is bearish ( see topic about it , my english is not so good) 

My new way of thinking : I share because all together we can be good.

My mindset , I feel nothing. The market can or not give me something.
time frame W 4H 1H 15mn
Sto= 7
and a listing in my head ( news, candle, rsi, sto and so on.. for french people it s " bétonner à mort, each letter is a point to see:
so b= candle, e= events, t= trends, o=others, n= news......t= tranquille or cool...( the expression is a list to do: perform a task in strict compliance with the regulations and with great care. concreting to death)

So in one hour: bullish trade.
1/Time frame IH
in the trend
over the pivot, over the green HMA (89)
RSI over 70
Sto is raising
candle is big
ADX , bleu in the top
green near the bleu line
red in the floor.

  • 2/ stop loss ``

I had many little position pending in the same trend, so bullish under my stop loss (50)

  • 3/ over my stop loss, I have A large position but with a mini lot ( 0.01)

That s it!

What do you think about it? I would love your comment.

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Tue, 06/25/2019 - 5:40pm

I use a similar strategy using multiple time frames for sl and market structure as well as concurrence of trend. The indicators are sma, rsi, adx and volume. I believe your strategy would work similar and the thing is to be patient and don't commit too fast!