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Alert Indicator

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Neil G

Alert Indicator


I got myself into some [trading] trouble over the holidays and given how slow the markets were moving, I took the time to write a quick and dirty alert indicator as I couldn't find anything in the forum (other than requests for an alert indicator :-) ).  It's not pretty but it works, but not right-out-of-the-box.  

Setup (one time):

The indicator can send emails and/or SMS messages and/or Alevo notifications (shown in the little bell thingy on the top right of Alveo).

In order for the indicator to work, it needs a valid email-address and password to use so it can send the email (MT4 requires the same thing in case you are familiar with using it). 

For [hopefully] obvious reasons, I am not supplying a working email address/password so you will have to create your own.  I say "create your own" because I highly recommend against using your daily email address for this as the password will be clearly visible to anyone that happens to see your files.  You can just create a [extra] gmail account and it should work fine (but don't use this newly created account for anything other than for this purpose). 

If you use anything other than a gmail account, I do not know if it will work as I've only tested it with gmail and cannot support anyone who uses something else.

Once you have an email-address and password, you will have to go into the code and make the following changes (one time only):

  • place the attached file in "indicator" folder and then edit the indicator (there are other forum threads that describe how to do this)
  • replace "smtpEmailAddress" in the code with your newly created email address (e.g. "")
  • replace "smtpEmailAddress-password" in the code with your newly created email address password (e.g. "ILoveTrading")
  • replace "smtpEmailAddress" in the code with the email address you want the alert sent to (e.g. your daily use email address)
  • replace "10-digit-phone-number@your-phone-carrier-pcs-address" in the code with your mobile phone carriers pcs address (e.g., this might help in the US
  • compile and you are all set (there are other forum threads that describe how to do this)


  1. add the iindicator (NG_Alerts) to your chart - use the defaults or change the settings
  2. create two "Horizontal Line" on the chart where you want the alerts
  3. Double-left-click on each line and and change the "Description" from blank to "alertabove" and "alertbelow" (it doesn't matter if upper or lower case letters are used)
  4. I suggest you change the "color" "style" and "width" of the indictor so it stands out
  5. you can move the lines you created to anywhere you like

There is a "Max Messages" in the indicator.  This is used to limit the number of alerts you get when any of the "alertabove/alertbelow" lines are crossed.  Once this number is reached, NG_Alerts will no longer send alerts on the affected chart until it is reset.  To reset the indicator,

  1. left click on your chart
  2. go to the "Indicator List" (CTRL-I)
  3. left click on NG_Alerts
  4. (you can change the "Max Messages" to something other than the default I set)
  5. click on "Send Emails" then click on it again (the indicator needs to think something has changed so it resets it)
  6. left click on "Ok"

Let me know if you have any problems (or if my instructions are confusing - it took longer to write this than to code the indicator :-) ).


Note: If anyone knows of a better way to do this, let me know.


CODE UPDATE:  Contact me through Apiary private messaging.

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 6:54pm

Appreciate the effort and time Neil :)



WoW very cool indeed! thx


This has gotten my attention.... thanks a bunch for posting it.

Neil G

@Allengoldatty, @Rookie, @Jean-Francois


Note to all. If anyone improves the indicator, think about posting the update for all to use (e.g. add trendline functionality, etc.) and add your changes as a comment at the top. Maybe this can be a collaborative effort.


Neil G

It appears that the indicator is not compatible with a recent Alevo update. I will try and figure out what’s wrong and post a new indicator when I can.


Speaking of indicators, has anyone had any success using this indicator from



Only $87.00???.....

If you scroll to the bottom of the sales page, you will read the following:

"By purchasing and/or using products available on this site, you acknowledge that you are a consenting adult and understand your decision. Purchasing and/or using products available on this site constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer. Karl Dittmann is a pen name used to protect author's privacy.

"Karl Dittman" is a name that used to flood my inbox in the late 1990's
He still shows up in my inbox

In fact, here are some comments about Mr. Karl dated 2010 from

The bottom line:

He makes his money promoting and selling trading systems....not from being a forex trader....

Neil G

@peacheytrade, @RJay.

Seriously guys. Let's try and keep it on topic. If you want to explore your indicator, please start a new thread.


Thanks for this.

Neil G

You are welcome @kuyeko,


Neil This is keith I sat in front of you in the wealth bootcamp Having trouble with the alert indicator . Is there an update or change Everything goes well but will not alert my email or phone. ANy suggestions.


good info...need to learn about this area...:>)

Neil G

Hey Keith,

There is a new version. Send me a forum message (with your email).

The only reason (that I can think of) for the email/SMS not working is that you haven't set up your Google SMTP email properly.



thanks neil email is I set all three emails the same as the new one and the sms with Verizon using the vtxt .com

Look forward to the new version update hope things are going good for you.

Neil G

CODE UPDATE: Contact me through Apiary private messaging.


Great idea to create this indicator.
How can I download the attachement?


HEY Neil, im a little late to the party but this is such great work. just want to know if it works as of 3/23/20. if so I will definitely set it up.thanks so much for your effort and for sharing