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Alevo System closing trades prior to hitting SL

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Alevo System closing trades prior to hitting SL

I trade only on the daily charts, using ATR for TP and 1.5X ATR for SL
The system keeps closing my trades prior to hitting the SL
If it did not the trades 90% of the time turn into profitable long trending trades.
Example EUR/GDP & GDP/NZD were closed at a loss by the system
THey are now both very profitable trades on othee platofrms I rade on.
What is thr criteria Alevo uses to prematurely close a trade that isn't even
60% of the ATR SL???????
I should be up a $1000 per trade but instead am taking under a $200 loss each.

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 1:14pm

Maybe you have reached the 2 or5 % risk level.


Yes, are you trading full contracts (0.10) or micro-contracts (0.01)?


What is your account balance? If its <= $10,000 then you are hitting the max loss per trade of 2%. (10,000 * .02) = $200. The system automatically closes trades at that point I believe.


cmsillc, if you're getting stopped out close to $200 then it is definitely Alveo's built-in risk management that is ending your trades. Alveo stops individual trades when they reach -2% unrealized return. It also closes ALL trades and disables trading for the rest of the day when Daily Risk reaches -5%.

You should size your positions such that they will not hit the -2% limit before hitting your SL.


Remember it's not only your current trade but all open trades. This includes the cost of all your set stop losses.
Max 2% of your account on any one trade. Max 5% loss per day.
I believe the day is from 8 pm to 8 pm eastern time zone, adjust for your time zone.


I have learned that the system will get you out of a trade for a number of reasons. Primarily if you hit a daily lost of 5%, but also if a trade is going south on you and you are at a "RISK" of loosing too much on a particular lot. If you look at your history it will indicate why a particular trade was closed. If you are using stop lost, that could also be a reason to be closed out especially when one of those unpredicted long wigs occur. sometimes when the market is too volatile the spread could be very high, i have seen it as high as 20 pips or even more. This could be a huge problem for any trader. You can always send an email to the help desk with the trade #'s and they will credit your account. I hope this helps.