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Alevo Virus

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Alevo Virus

This is happening since last 3-4 days now when I restart my computer and open up alveo, I get my antivirus giving a signal that the software has a torjan.. (attached img below). I fixed it by repairing my alveo and then it starts to work as normal... Does any1 else is facing this problem...

Screenshot_1.jpg27.22 KB
Sun, 01/03/2016 - 6:31pm

I have never seen this since I started using the software.


Nope, not here


No problem that I've noticed...


No problems with Alveo my end

Robert G

I have not experienced any issues with malware on Alveo. Thanks for the heads up and hopefully you can resolve the issue soon.


No problem here and I restart Alveo and my computer every week.


No problem in Thailand!


Sorry to hear that
nothing here, hope it states in PA :)


I've been using Alveo almost from the day it was introduced. There have been several issues/problems over the months but I'm not aware of any problems being caused by a virus, malware, etc. Apiary's computer group has done an outstanding job over the months to fix bugs that came up.
Hopefully your reported issue with a Trogan virus was unusual and rare, FerinPatel.


The only problem I have is that I can not see neither the price line nor the stop loss nor the take profit lines in a set up


alright thanx... looks like its just me den..


I use Webroot, probably the best anti-virus software available and I have not seen this....sounds like you might have a worm or trojan causing this...get a really good virus protection software and dont be cheap about this business your computer is your life line

just my 2cents =)