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Alignment Strategy


Alignment Strategy

I have recently been using the Alignment Strategy and have had some good results.

The idea is to use 3 different timeframes, any 3 will do but the recommended are H$, H!, M5

This strategy is set up with an SMA(60) on all 3 charts, showing thegeneral direction of the market. I have also used Apiary Pivots lp with Entry & Exit points.

To go LONG I look for a Bullish trend, plus a recent pivot low, and enter with a Buy Stop above the most recent pivot high.

To go SHORT I look for a Bearish trend, plus a recent pivot high and enter with a Sell Stop below the most recent pivot low.

To exit I look for the trade to cross the moving average, but also keep an eye on the moving average for any change of direction.



Tue, 02/19/2019 - 1:23pm