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Alignment Strategy +


Alignment Strategy +

Lately I have been using the Alignment Strategy with the time frames of 1M 5M and 1H. On all three charts I use a 60 period sma and the pivots indicator.  I also use the stochastic indicator (standard settings) on the 5M chart only. Before I enter a trade the following conditions must be in place: To go long - Current bar on all three charts must be above the sma. the Stochasic lines on the 5M chart must be at the bottom of the cycle and crossed. The price bars on the 1M chart must be just starting an up cycle. I then place buy stop orders at the previous cycle high.  To go long I just reverse the process. 

So far It has been working well.  I really like using the stop order because you don't typically have to see so much red on the screen until the orders are tripped.

Fri, 09/28/2018 - 6:14pm