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alignment strategy need some help plz


alignment strategy need some help plz

Hi everyone ..

I hope you all are having good trading days ..


i actually need some help ..


I was interested in the aligment strategy that uses 60 ema i use for alignment 4h 1h and 5 min for entry at break of it .. my stop is at swing low/high that depends on my direction ..


i trade in the morining before london open i tend to find a good setup and like to catch the pair at its start..


but lately things hae changed im not sure whats the matter with it ..

most of trades give fake setup .. after hiting my stop they change direction in all time frames.. im not sure is it december the problem or the strategy is not good anymore


plz give me any advice if you are using it ..


i really like it because when u catch the trend from the morning u get to ride the trend all day sometimes more .. of course after closing half position at tp1 which is double the size of stop which is no more than 10-15 most of the time


so any ideas plz help me


 thanks for your prciouse time





Mon, 12/18/2017 - 2:50pm

Dear Alaa

I'm also an enthusiast of multiple time frame analysis and trading during the London opening.

The strategy is ok, but be aware of something called stop hunt.

The big market players have flux reading and information on very obvious stop locations. Since they can manipulate the flux, it is common to see a wipeout before a larger move in the intended direction.

Here I'll show you some options to avoid this:

1. Use a larger stop loss based on the higher time frame ATRS. Since you are using an M5 - H1 - H4 combination, my recommendation would be a 1 ATR measure from H1 timeframe for Stop Loss. In other words, check H1 ATR(14) and use as your stop loss. Your trade will have more space and a higher probability of success - always remember to calibrate your lote size position if doing this.

2. Wait for additional confirmation. Don't immediately place the order, wait for at least 2 more pivots to confirm the trade.

3. Try a more balanced timeframe combination M1 - M5 - M30 or any other combination close to these proportions (1:5:6)

4. Try to implement a 'breakout - pullback' price action patterns for triggers/confirmation. This is another useful practice to avoid the wipeout.


Dear Swiss Clocker

thanks a lot for the valuable information .. i will try to adjust my sl position .. because its a good strategy when it picks direction it can go over 100 pips which is great if i was in ..
the break of previous high/low in 5 min chart

i will keep your advice and try them .. im sure they'll work

thanks again :D

i wish u happy successful trading


Hello Alaa, I'm not an expert at all but I have been getting more comfortable and confidence in locating major support and resistance lines which will help you determine your profit and exit strategies. Also locate channels of trend, the overall trend which I use the MN, D7, and D1 for confidence, then lower time frames for clarity. Price and time cycles mixed in with the above should help you move along with more condifence and a higher probability to make pips rather than lose. This with your indicators should help make provide a higher chance to win rather than lose, but losing is part of trading. Especially since I have never traded at all, losing teaches me what I am doing that's not right and what I should learn more of. I have currently made close to 800 trades and are getting more comfortable with each click. Here's a link below that should help with hitting Silver that you need to see. There are other threads in our blogs that provide more insight and experience with this strategy, if you haven't seen or heard of it yet....I am sure you'll find something that will help you and identify what you need to work on. There are plenty of awesome people who have gone through what we have to Gold who have posted a pluthora of information in our blog.

This is a favorite and I'm sure many feel the same. Remember, any strategy will become yours when you trade since we are all different so you don't have to always follow everything exactly. Just keep trading and get comfortable with your strategies, thought process and losing (a little). You'll learn how to win bigger and lose smaller. What has also helped me just recently is too not care about calculating the lot size so I can earn "x" amount of money. My goal is to earn huge pips like 10, 20, 30 or more per trade. Imagine 5 trades collecting those amounts. BAM! Now I'm giving you some Silver class goals so you might as well learn this now. And you would want to anyway. Watch the discussion below and open your mind to more possibilities. Message me if you'd like just to chat trading and the like.

forgot to mention, you need to make a habit, if you haven't, to look at the economic calender has I finally started to do so.


Hi Alaa. First of all, Do not rely on someone else setup. Make sure you find the one that works the most for you> It gonna take time but you can make it.
Befrore you use your alignment strategy, make sure you identify the trend on H4 and Daily timeframes.


One more thing is to wait for a trendline breakout before you get in the market. Follow the trend and keep it simple


Hi Alaa. I had the same problems when I tested the Alignment setup. What helped me was when I learned about the HMA strategy. What I did was I looked for a currency pair with alignment according to the rules in the alignment setup but I then traded on the lower time frame in the direction of the trending alignment on the higher time frames according to the rules of the HMA strategy. I needed the practice of both setups but liked the idea of waiting for the MACD to switch momentum and the HMA to change colour. I basically combined the two setups and found that to work very well.