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Alignment Strategy with SSI

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Alignment Strategy with SSI

Just completed Silver III using Steve Perry's SSI Strategy and the Apiary Alignment Strategy.

I look for alignment on H1, M15 and M5 using Apiary pivots and SMA60. In addition, I use HMA20 and HMA100.

The pairs to trade are identified by shift in SSI. Here is a link to a description.

This approach has been successful and is taught by Steve Perry in the Signals program. I finally got back to profitability by correcting some bad habits to complete Silver III.

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 11:49am
Chris Dilbeck

Great approach Ipadgett9165. I've looked around on dailyfx and read several related articles. However, I haven't found the link or page that takes you to the actual SSI, although it appears to be produced by David Rodriguez. Can you give an idea of how to find the Standard SSI Update Report? Is it a subscription item?


Here's the Dailyfx link that is free:


For me, SSI is an exceptional in determining contrary strategy


That's a quick and easy chart to compare. Thanks for the linik, J.


I recently learned the Alignment strategy also and found it quite successful .


yes it works like medicine