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Alignment Trade Using HA and 34-EMA

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steve k

Alignment Trade Using HA and 34-EMA

Here is a variation on the Apiary Fund Alignment Trade. I have aways used the 34 Exponential Moving Average in my trading, for no particular reason really. Maybe because it is a Fibonacci number or perhaps it was the jersey number of Great NFL Running Backs like Earl Campbell, Walter Payton, Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson and Thurman Thomas. Anyway, that's just the number I use. You could sub in any of your favorite numbers. It's not really about a particular EMA, it's about aligning your trade with the prevailing higer time frame trend.

34-EMA Alignment Strategy

Time Frames: H1, M15 and M5

Pairs: All Forex Pairs

Indicators: Heiken Ashi, 34-Period Exponential Moving Average.

Be aware of Economic News Releases. Do not take new positions 5-10 minutes prior to or after news events. Manage existing positions accordingly.

Setup: Confirm Bullish or Bearish Alignment on H1, M15 & M5 Time frames.
Current Price is above the 34-EMA on all time frames for Bullish bias.
Current Price is below the 34-EMA on all time frames for Bearish bias.

M5 Trigger:
Long Trade: Place Buy Stop Order 1 pip above the nearest Pivot High.
Short Trade: Place Sell Stop Order 1 pip below the nearest Pivot Low.

Stop: Use M5 Near Support/Resistance. Move Stop to Entry price +2 pips at formation of 1st new M5 Support/Resistance area.

Target: Look for minimum 2:1 Reward/Risk and target a longer term trending move using a H1 Heiken Ashi color change to exit or any close above/below 34-EMA.


Tue, 01/15/2019 - 10:23pm

sounds good , might try just to see how it works for me
different things work for different folks


I like the simplicity. Gonna try it, I am in a spot where nothing is working right now.
Are you using the Alveo Pivots for the triggers?


I've found greater reliability with PSAR (0.004,0.032). It breaks a long term trend (1รท0.004=250) into 8 segments giving the fastest SAR value of 32. The best chart for that setting is hourly so 32hrs gives a proxy for daily trend, and the same chart on 15 minute gives us 8 hourly segments within the daily.
It's pretty trade a longer trend I use the same setting on H4 (32=5days) which allows me to trade in line with the weekly trend.
Hope it helps.


before the news is dicy...
after the news is exciting if u can pick reactions
but watch hi volatily and spreads increases


spread increases can be wicked after news spikes