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Alignment Trading System

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Alignment Trading System

~ Alignment Trading Strategy

Sun, 01/13/2019 - 8:04pm
Donald Schnell

When I read the alignment trading strategy in the Apiary course, I realized I had another and possibly one of the most powerful confirmation tools for trends. In addition, by confirming on three charts you have a lot of confidence going into the trade assuming all of the other price action signals are positive to pull the trigger.


Add to that being aware of Support/Resistance levels: trade long when the currency pair is moving up from Support, and trade short when the pair is moving down from Resistance. Should give you thirty days of trades.


I appreciate the advice from markpowers80. One question I have is, what level of support and resistance do you employ. Monthly, weekly, daily. Your comment of thirty days of trades leads me to assume you prefer monthly.


I have been using the alignment H4, H1, H5 and I added the stochastic to help confirm the lower level momentum. It also helps to decide on my exit or entry. I am looking to enter if the trend it bearish if the stochastic shows it's overbought. If the trend is bullish I look for the stochastic to be oversold.